Activity of Central Institute of Postgraduate   Pedagogical Education (CIPPE) as structure subdivision of State Higher Education Institution “University of Educational Management” of National Academy of Educational Sciences is realized for realization state policy in field of higher, postgraduate pedagogical education via educational, scientific and scientific and methodological work.

Main Directions of Activity of CIPPE:

  • Postgraduate preparation, qualification improvement, training administrative, pedagogical and scientific and pedagogical personnel in field of education, public officers by state order and agreement obligations
  • Scientific and research work in issues of development of postgraduate pedagogical education etc.
  • Educational scientific and methodological providing postgraduate pedagogical education with administrative, pedagogical, and scientific and pedagogical personnel of education, establishments of postgraduate education
  • Information support establishments and institutions of education of Ukraine with aim of forming unique educational space, delivering progressive pedagogical technologies
  • Conducting expert estimation of applied for licencing and accreditation materials of education institutions of different form of property
  • International cooperation and external economy activity in field of postgraduate education with scientific establishments and institutions of education of foreign countries on base of direct contacts, forming common educational and scientific, scientific and methodological centres and other subdivisions