Aim and Tasks

Aim of activity of Department of Administration Psychology is in assisting improvement level of psychological preparation: leading personnel for administration, methodological personnel – for organization and rendering qualified methodological aid for pedagogical collaborators including modern works of Psychological Science, collaborators of Psychological Services in system of education – for administration process of psychological assistance activity of educational institutions in scientific grounds.

In its work Department of Administration Psychology is oriented for execution following issues:

  1. Improvement psychological competence, development psychological culture and personal development administration and methodological personnel of education, and also collaborators of psychological services in system of education
  2. Conducting scientific and research work in psychological issues of content, forms, methods and organization postgraduate pedagogical education of administration and methodological personnel
  3. Learning and conclusion psychological innovation technologies in field of postgraduate pedagogical education of administration, methodological personnel, pedagogical collaborators in general.
  4. Integration and coordination activity with other subdivisions of Institute, Departments of Psychology, and other educational institutions and centres of system of postgraduate pedagogical education
  5. Perfection professional mastery of collaborators of Department, lecturers of system of postgraduate pedagogical education via different forms postgraduate pedagogical education