Director of Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology
Doctor of Public Administration, Professor

She was born in Zaporizhzhia City, in family of pedagogues. She studied at specialized gymnasium №11 with profound study  of English. Graduated school in 1986 with silver medal. Since September 1986 till 1991 studied at Zaporizhzhia Machine-Building Institute of V.Y. Chubar (Zaporizhzhia National Technical University) by specialty “Electromechanic and Automation of Industrial Options” (Diploma with Honour). After graduation she was recommended for postgraduate studies with tearing off from production. After graduation postgraduate studies she worked as Assistant of Department of Electromechanic and Automation of Industrial Options. She passed preparation at courses with lecturers of the USA for reading discilplines in English and received “Certificate of Achievement for Successfully Complete Intensive English Acquisition Courseby American Teachers from Educational Services International”

In 2000 she graduated Zaporizhzhia Technical Uinersity (ZNTU) by specialty “Finance” (Diploma with Honour) and was invited for Zaporizhzhia Electrotechnical College as Lecturer of Economic Disciplines of 1st Category and was at position of Deputy Head of Subject and Cycle Commission of Enterprise Economics

Since January 2003 she worked at Humanitarian University “Zaporizhzhia Institute of State and Municipal Administration” where she was at positions of Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department of Economic Theory

In June 2004 she received Diploma of Master’s Degree  (with Honour) in specialty “Higher Education Pedagogics”, and on July, 25th,  she defended Candidate Thesis by Specialty 08.00.01 – Economic Theory (Specialized Scientific Council of Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian University). Theme of Candidate Thesis: “Economy Policy of Innovation State  Development in Market Conditions”

On March, 28th, 2006, she obtained Diploma of Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D (economic theory). In April, 2008 – Scientific Title of Associate Professor of Economic Theory. In 2010 she received Diploma of Master’s Degree (with Honour) in specialty “Business Administration” and entered daily doctoral studies in specialty 25.00.02 – Mechanisms of State Administration

Since September 2008 she worked at positions of Deputy Head of Investment and Agrarian Management, Associate Professor of Administration Institute of Classic Private University, since 2011 – Deputy Head of Department of International Management, Professor. By internal combining she continued lecturing at Department of Economic Theory, National and Applied Economics t positions of Associate Professor, Professor of Department

On September, 12th, 2012 she  defended Doctoral Thesis by theme “State Regulation Ration Providing Population in System of Agrarian Sector Development of Ukraine” by specialty 25.00.02Mechanisms of Public Administration (Specialized Scientific Council of Chornomorsk State University of Petro Mohyla)

Since September 2013 by invitation worked as Head of Department of Economic Theory, Professor of  National University of Maritime Economy and Nature Management, executed obligations of Deputy Head of Specialized Scientific Council of Defending Candidate and Doctoral Theses D. 47.104.04 by specialty 25.00.02Mechanisms of Public Administration

Since December, 15th, 2015 she received Scientific Title of Professor of Department of Project Administration and General Professional Disciplines

Author of over 140 papers of scientific and educational and methodological character, among them 114 – of scientific character, including 1 individual monograph, 4 collective monographs, is co-author of  manual “Economic Theory” with stamp of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kyiv City, manual “Practicum of Micro and Macroeconomics”, Simferopol City, 62 articles in scientific professional editions and 27 educational and methodological works out. Manual of Innovation and Investment Management is prepared for publishing. She participated in judging contest of research works of pupils – members of Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in section “’Microeconomics and Macroeconomics”, preparation of students for contests by preparation direction –   Management in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Main Disciplines:  Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economical Theory, Enterprise Economics, Organizational Theory, Fund Market, Investment Analysis, Public Administration

Range of Scientific Interests covers macro and micro level of economic analysis and administration processes of volume forming and structure of incomes and costs of state budget for improvement efficiency of immediate realization conditions, stimulating investment activity of economy subjects for providing all-sided society development; peculiarities of using regimes of targeting modern money and credit policy, expediency of introduction inflation targeting in Ukraine; motives of rational and irrational behavior of microeconomic subjects