At State Higher Educational Institution “University of Educational Management” Editorial and Publishing Department is functioned (EPD). Collaborators permanently render qualified practical assistance for workers of all structure subdivisions of University in issues of preparation of manuscripts, according to state standards, their printed publishing. Execute control of scientific and methodical contents of materials and their language issuance.

In plan of Department work – preparation for publishing scientific monographs, educational and methodological manuals, special courses, reports, educational programs etc., that assists organization all-sided development of personality in modern condition.

University of Educational Education is founder and co-founder of range of scientific periodical editions, among them: interdisciplinary scientific and educational journal “Postgraduate Education in Ukraine”, collection of scientific papers “Herald of Postgraduate Education” (professional edition),   collection of scientific papers “Space of Art Therapy”, electronic scientific journal “Theory and methodology of administration of education” (electronic professional edition).

Editorial Departrment executes preparation for issue such periodical editions: 

  • Two times per year the interdisciplinary scientific and educational journal “Postgraduate Education in Ukraine” – actual edition, which cover issue of theory and practice of education through the life. Journal is proposed for young scientists, pedagogues and psychologists, scientists, administrators of education institutions, economists, philosophers, sociologists and other professionals
  • Collection of scientific papers (professional edition) “Herald of Postgraduate Education”, in which actual scientific issues of pedagogics and psychology are covered, also professional competence, improvement of education quality
  • Electronic professional edition “Theory and Methodology of Education Administration”

Aim of these editions: deliver  among wide pedagogical community the scientific achievements of University collaborators, Consortium of institutions and establishments of postgraduate pedagogical education. Editions assist introduction  results of scientific researches in pedagogical and administrative practice.

For subscription journal “Postgraduate Education in Ukraine” see catalogue of periodical editions per year. Subscription journal index 06820 is unchangeable.

Proposals for cooperation:

First that we would like to propose – informing about presence of educational and methodological literature and such one, preparing for publishing

Second: accept for publishing (via procedure of covering at Scientific and Methodological Council of UEM) interesting and actual papers from places

Third: invite authors from regions for collaboration at pages of periodical “Postgraduate Education in Ukraine”. Openness and access in discussion problem and urgent issues in postgraduate pedagogical education have to be visit card of our journal

Fourth: editing of manuscripts. At department high professional editors are worked, who have more  ten years’ experience of work namely with educational literature

Fifth: collection of scientific papers “Herald of Postgraduate Education” proposes own pages for active authours for profounding and development of pedagogical science

Sixth: including Statute of Cabinet of Ministers since August, 27th, 2010, №796 «About Approving List of Paying Services, which Able to be Rendered of Educational Institutions, Other Establishments and Institutions of Education System, which Belong to State and Communal Form of Property» (with changes, introduced according Statute of Cabinet of Ministers №939 (939-2010-p since 12.10.2010), Editorial and Publishing Department invites for fruitful cooperation of all interested persons, stressing attention for  creation and realization of commercial projects in filling appropriate market segment with urgent, modern, quality educational literature

Editorial and Publishing Department invites for collaboration the scientists of interdisciplinary regional institutes, pedagogues and psychologists, philosophers, sociologists and economists, administrators of educational institutions, pedagogues-practitioners.