Oleg Spirin

Oleg Spirin

Vice-Rector for Research and Digitalization
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of NAES of Ukraine



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Scientific degree:  Ph.D (2002), Thesis "Differentiated approach to the Study of the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science Course Physics and Mathematics in Higher Educational Institutions"; Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (2009), Thesis "Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Credit-modular System of Future Teachers of Informatics Training"

Academic status:
Associate Professor of Computer Science (2004)
Professor of the specialty 13.00.10 – Information Technologies in Education (2013)
Corresponding member of NAES of Ukraine (2016)

Research and teaching activities, professional activities:
• Professor (2009) Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University; Chief of Information Training and Production Center University (1998-2007)
• Chief researcher of department of open education and scientific information systems of Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools NAES of Ukraine (IITLT of NAES of Ukraine) (since 2008 part-time)
• Director of the Institute of Education Content Modernization (2018-2019)

Research interests and activities:
• research problems:  professional education of teachers of informatics; ICT training, management and support of scientific research; creation and use of electronic scientific and educational library and open journal systems;
• supervisor of research and scientific and technical work: "Library of higher education institution, integrated into the European educational and scientific library system" (2007-2008), "Scientific and organizational principles of the functioning of a common information space libraries and research institutions of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine" (2009-2011) "System of organizational scientific and technological support network of electronic libraries of institutions NAPS Ukraine" (2012-2014); "The system of information and analytical support educational research based on electronic systems Open Access" (2015-2017).
• performer of research and scientific and technical work: "Scientific and methodological principles of creation of means of information and communication technologies common information space of education" (2006-2008 biennium.); "The system of information and communication competencies of students, teachers and principals of secondary schools to ensure regulatory and standardization of distance learning" (2009-2010):
• supervisor protected thesis: Ph.D (2011-2017): "The system Moodle as a tool for science subject teachers competencies in terms of distance Postgraduate Education", "Information oriented security of high school students in computer learning environment", "Teaching methods for pupils of programming class technological profile through the use of language C #", "Using ERrints as a means of information and communication support research activities in the field of pedagogical sciences", "DSpace system as a means to enhance scientific research for future teachers of Informatics", "Development of information competence of teachers of natural and mathematical subjects in postgraduate education"; Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (2016-2017): "Theoretical and methodological bases of designing cloud-based learning environment of educational institution", "Тheoretic-Methodical Principles of Planning and Use of Computer-Oriented Learning Environment of an Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education", "Theoretical and methodological basis of content integration Practical technical training of specialists in computer graphics and design"
• Work in specialized scientific council for doctoral theses: Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Academic Council on the specialty 13.00.10 - ICT in Education (2010 till now); member of the academic councils of the specialty 13.00.04 - theory and methods of professional education (2010 till now)

Membership in editorial boards of scientific publications or editions:
• Deputy Editor of Electronic scientific edition "Information Technologies and Learning Tools";
• Member of the Editorial Boards of the collection of scientific papers "Information Technologies in Education", of the  journal "Computer in School and Family”
Membership in scientific organizations, associations, committees, working groups:
• Chairman of scientific-methodical commission on science department of preschool and secondary education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2011 till now)
• Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council of the NAES Ukraine Informatization of Education (2015 till now)
• Member of the working group of the Interagency Council on the coordination of basic research at the NAS of Ukraine concerning formation of national scientific information space: integration and cooperation efforts of libraries and information centers of Ukraine (2014 till now)