One of strategic tasks of social development of  Ukraine is forming and efficient using of personnel  of educational institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education by way of harmonization of main parameters of forming their scientific and pedagogical potential.

Our University conducts ground educational, educational and methodological, scientific and research and experimental activity including state policy in field of higher education that assists professional improvement of leading, scientific and pedagogical personnel.

Scientific and research activity of University is directed for realization of state policy in field of postgraduate education and education of adults, improvement scientific and research, and educational and methodological work, optimization system of qualification  improvement of administrative personnel, and preparation professionals with higher education for field of education, economy and  management, introduction to educational process the modern ideas of pedagogics, andragogics, valeology, acmeology, management, modern educational technologies, development of professional trajectory of collaborators, forming conditions of realization researches in different knowledge fields by scientists, based on collected at National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education the resource base.

One of the most important directions of University activity is assisting activation of scientific activity at system of postgraduate pedagogical education and preparation of own scientific and pedagogical personnel.


Scientific activity of University is provided with high professional scientific and scientific and pedagogical collaborators, which are the base of component of scientific potential. For today at University at permanent base above 80% of scientific collaborators work, who have scientific degree. Renewal and quality improvement of staff of scientific and pedagogical, and scientific workers – the most important factors of successful implementation of scientific and research themes.

Scientific and research work at University has systematic complex character, cover important aspects of theory and practice of postgraduate education, oriented for receiving new scientific and applied results in international scientific circulation. Scientists annually take part in international and All-Ukrainian exhibitions, at which University is awarded with gold medals and diplomas of Ministry of Education and Science.

High level of formation of scientific potential provided successful implementation of temporary creative collectives state budget, scientific and research work by specialties “Postgraduate education”,  “Psychology of professional education”, “Organizational psychology and psychology of labor ” during 2015.

In 2016 introduction of results of state budget scientific themes, which were realized in 2012 – 2014, 2015.

Main products of researches, received in frames of realization state budget works, are planned to introduce in practice at local and regional level by way of promulgation and approbation of results. Objects of introduction are bodies of state power and local self-government, educational institutions, scientific establishments. About this programs of scientific and practical conferences (International, All-Ukrainian, Regional), seminars, on-line webinars, forums, “round tables” ets. About level of conference active participation is testified of leading Universities and scientific institutions of USA, Azerbaidgzan, Uzbekystan, Poland, Germany, Belorussia, Russia.

Central Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education (director –  Candidate of Physica and Mathematic Sciences, Professor, Member of National Academy of Educational Sciences – Stepko M.F.). Scientific and research work at Central Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education is realized  with aim of working out ways of optimization educational process and  quality development of qualification  improvement, and re-training administrative, pedagogical and scientific and pedagogical personnel of education.

Realization of main forms of scientific activity  Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology is directed for harmony forming and all-sided development of personality of future professional, complete uncovering its creative efforts and future professional knowledge, creation of conditions for self-knowledge and self-realization.

According principles of Bologna process and National frame of qualifications the Institute uses on principle new paradigm of higher education CBE (Competence-based education), based on forming at students complete competences and diagnostication of level of competences of University graduates as result of higher education. Thus, one of its priority tasks is quality improvement and efficiency of scientific and research work, and also its activization  at departments including National and European professional standards of educational activity at Higher Educational Institution.

Scientific and research work of Bila Tserkva Institute of Continuous Professional Education is directed for introduction scientific achievements of pedagogical theory and practice in activity of all structure subdivisions with aim of delivering innovative pedagogical technologies, newest production technologies in system of qualification improvement pedagogical personnel, and also preparation bachelors and masters.

With aim of forming quality information providing of scientific and research activity of university and forming its open information space.

Scientific library conducts system and systematic work, book fund of which includes over 110 thousands of samples of education and scientific literature. For services of readers are 64 subscribed periodical editions of Ukraine and countries of Union of Independent Countries, and also resource of  Deposytarium of Electronic Resources, aim of forming which is providing information needs of pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical collaborators, learners and students of University, their collection, systematization and keeping intellectual products at one place, and also delivering these materials in world scientific and educational environment.

In process of scientific activity of many years at University the  powerful scientific schools are formed, which are headed by leading scientists Oliynyk V.V., Bondarchuk O.I.,  Dmytrenko H.A., Lushyn P.V.,  Maslov V.I.

In forming scientific potential of University postgraduate and doctoral students take part. Profile of preparation of postgraduate students is appropriate priority directions of scientific activity of University and in fact covers practically all directions by which at University preparation of professionals is realized. During working out plans of preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel are taking into account needs of departments in Doctors, Candidates of Sciences including perspective development of specialties and present staff of departments.

Preparation of scientific personnel at postgraduate studies of University is realized by specialties:

011 – Sciences about World,  053 – Psychology,  074 – Public Administration.

In 2016 All-Ukrainian School of Young Scientist will continue its work. Education and consulting work of School is provided by leading scientists of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Head and Scientific Secretaries of Specialized Councils, Honoured Professors of best educational institutions of Ukraine, Heads of departments and lecturers of UEM, and also institutions of Consotrium. Main forms of work with young scientists are methodological seminars, training, master classes, collective and individual consulting, psychological and pedagogical practices and special courses, training; psychological and pedagogical consultations; business games; methodological sessions; scientific and practical conferences; pedagogical reading, briefing, debating, discussions, portfolio etc.

Scientific activity of University is directed at active discussions with scientists of countries of Near and  Far  Foreign Countries: USA, Greece, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Belorussia, Azerbaidzhan, Kazakhstan. With this aim at University more than dozen International and Republic Conferences are conducted, at which scientists are communicating, exchange opinions and ideas,  bring out for public results of researches, execute their approbation and conclusions.

Scientific and metric data base – bibliographic and report data base became efficient instruments  for searching quotations of articles of scientists of University, published at scientific editions.

For estimating effectiveness of scientific activity of scientific and pedagogical collaborators of University the important place   is presented for scientific metrics – direction of researches, that study cognitive communications in science by frequency of quoting of scientific works and their authors. 

For execution of Statute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “About Conducting Work of Presenting publications of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine in world system of scientific publications” since December, 17th, 2009, № 1-7/12-393, Statute of Presidium of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine “About Presenting Publications of scientists of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine in world system of scientific communications” since May, 16th, 2013 № 1-7/7-148 and Instruction of State Higher Educational Institution of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine “About Means of Execution of Statute of Presidium of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine since 16.05.2013 № 1-7/7-148 “About Presenting Publications of Scientists of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine in world system of scientific communication”, according to requirements of International scientific and metric data bases and with aim of further development of pedagogical science and postgraduate pedagogical education, improvement of their competitiveness and level of integration for world scientific association the number of events is realized:

Editorial design of publications is realized according to requirements of international standards in such issues of University: collection of scientific papers ”Herald of Postgraduate Education”, electronic journal “Theory and Methodology of Administration of Education ”.

The issue is studied of appropriation of scientific edition of University of Educational Management of international standard number of periodical issue (ISSN).

Geography of publications is widen up in scientific editions of UEM, all regions of Ukraine are covered.

Meetings with collaborators of structure subdivisions of University are conducted related to organization of access  for electronic resources of international scientific and metric data bases Scopus (Netherlands), Web of Science (USA), and also leading world publications of scientific periodicals Elsevier, Springer, preparation and possibility of present there own publications by humanitarian direction.

Application for expert system about registration electronic professional edition of University “Theory and Methodology of Education Administration” in international scientific and metric data base “Scopus”.

Widening of scientific achievements of scientific and pedagogical personnel is assisted with presence of range of scientific periodical issues, founder and co-founder of which is  University, namely: scientific journal “ScienceRise” (professional edition), collection of scientific works “Herald of Postgraduate Education” (professional edition), electronic scientific journal “Theory and Methodology of Education Administration” (electronic professional edition), interdisciplinary scientific and education journal “Postgraduate Education in Ukraine”, collection of scientific papers “Space of art Therapy”.

Strategy of development of scientific activity of University of Educational Management indicates its modern and future models as educational and scientific and innovation higher educational institution, and also All-Ukrainian innovative centre of postgraduate pedagogical education, high rating educational institution, which introduces ideology of higher educational institution of research type, where scientific activity is one of main dominant of development, which is characterized with organic joining scientific and educational processes, union of fundamentality and proficiency of contents of education.

Systematic development of resources of realization scientific and research activity, and also attention of administration of University for this direction of activity give ability with responsibility to consider it leading institution in integration of academic science and higher and postgraduate education in processes of globalization of world educational and scientific space, core of gaining new knowledge  in system of postgraduate pedagogical education in process of qualification  improvement of pedagogical and leading personnel, and professional preparation of bachelors and masters in field of administration, management, pedagogics and psychology, centre of conducting researches by priority directions of development of pedagogical science and practice and coordinating centre.