State Higher Educational Institution "University of Educational Management" (UEM) of Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine(License of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine AE №636081 since 10.03.2015. Certificate of Accreditation RD-IV №1154006) carries out the reception of Foreign Citizens to study at the Preparatory Department on the basis of full secondary education by invitation from the University under the contractssignedSHEI "UEM" with legal entities and natural persons.

To receive the Invitation for study at the Preparation Department Foreign сitizens should present the following documents: 

  • a сopy of the certificate (document) of education with the subjects taken and received marks (points) on them;
  • a сopy of inner page(s) of Passport;
  • the written consent of the entrant to the processing of personal data in English.

Studying to follow directions at the preparatory department is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian languages (according to the choice):

  • engineering and technical
  • medical and biological
  • economical
  • humanitarian

Disciplines which are studied at the preparatory department: Russian and / or Ukrainian language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Drawing, Geography, Basics of Economics, Ukrainian and Foreign Literature and History in dependence of the chosen direction of preparation.

The course at the preparatory department lasts 10 months.

The academic year is divided into two stages – basic and specific.

The first stage, which lasts 4 months, includes learning basic level of the Russian / Ukrainian Language, and further the students are distributed according to selected directions of preparation.

Stage II –  6 months – the students of technical and economical directions are training in the Speech Science relevant field of study, and also of the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing and Economics; for the students of humanitarian direction it's History, Geography, Lliterature.

At the preparatory department  highly qualified specialists are working who have a great experience of teaching foreign students.

Students can use library, reading rooms, computer classes.

Graduates of Preparatory Department receive a Certificate that gives them the right to enter any educational institution in Ukraine out of the competition without entrance examinations.

The academic group consists of 8-10 persons, members of the group -  international students.

The teachers of Ukrainian and Russian Languages are appointed as groups curators, they carry out explanatory and educational work (acquaint the international students with local realities, attending the hostel, communicate with the parents of their students and contribute for the more easy adaptation to the conditions of stay in Ukraine).

The study of Russian / Ukrainian Language also continues in extracurricular time. Excursions in Kyiv and visits to the historical cities of Ukraine, museums, theaters and exhibition halls – all this contributes to effective mastering foreigners in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

SHEI "UEM"adopts foreign citizens without restrictions based on race, color of skin, political, religious and other beliefs, sex, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics.

Documents for admission for study at the preparatory department accepted throughout the year.

On the 1st course of Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology UEM takes person under the age of 35 years.

Deadline for submission of applications and documents for entry into SHEI "UEM" on the 1st and the senior courses – since July,1st  till  November, 15th.

For admission to study for basic specialties and the preparatory department Foreign citizens should present the following documents:

a) standard application form;

b) certificate of completion of the preparatory department for foreign citizens (this paragraph does not apply to foreign students entering to the preparatory department ERIME UEM or who got the certificates estimated the Russian language);

c) a сopy of the certificate (document) of education with the subjects taken and received marks (points)

d) a copy and the original document on getting the higher education of educational level "Bachelor" (not less than four years duration of training) – submit entrants to obtain education level "Master";

e) document about absence of HIV infection;

f) medical certificate about the state of health, certified by the official body of health protection of foreigner’s country given out not later than two months prior to departure for studies to Ukraine;

j) insurance policy from the grant of urgent medicare (except foreigners, that arrived from countries with which an agreement about the free grant of urgent medicare is made);

h) a copy of the birth certificate notarized;

i) 6 photos (4×6 cm);

National passport valid for at least 1 year should be submitted personally.

Mentioned in points "c", "d", "f", "h" documents need to be certified according to the laws of the issuing country, translated into Ukrainian language, legalized and nostrified in the established state bodies of Ukraine (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) procedure unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

The contract comes into effect from the date the rector SHEI "UEM" publicates the order of acceptance to the university.

For the registration in the Internal Affairs of Ukraine foreign citizen must submit passport in a passport and visa department of the Preparatory Department ERIME UEM within three days after crossing the border. During this period he must:

  • Sign an agreement (contract) for training and educational services and to pay a tuition fee.
  • Pass a medical examination to accommodate in a hostel.
  • Carry out a settlement to the hostel.

After signing the contract for training by Rector of the University foreign national is enroll to the Preparatory Department or to the chosen specialty in ERIME UEM.


The university is situated in the central area of the city. Сonvenient road interchange makes it easy to get to The Independence Square and to the Central Street Khreshchatyk, to theaters and museums, to parks and recreation areas in the capital.

The students’ hostel is in the territory of the University. Accommodation is in the comfortable hotel-type rooms for 2 persons. Students can use refrigerator, washing machine, kitchen. In the premises of the dormitory there is a cafe with the meals cuisines of the world.

Candidate for the training must inform the preparatory department not later than in a 3 days before arrival about the date and exact time of the arrival to Ukraine, and about the flight number to be met in Kyiv, in airport “Boryspil” (or "Zhulyany"). Educational institution arranges the transfer for applicant "arrival airport – the University dormitory. "

Tuition at the preparatory department is 1100 $ at the rate of National Bank of Ukraine at the time of payment. Payment is effected in UAH in full for the entire period of study.

During the period of education a place in a room of the students' hostel is given for the extra charge 50 $ per month. Payment is effected in UAH at the rate of NBU at the time of payment in full or for each semester (6 months) training.


Specialty / Faculty _____________________________ Training term



Bachelor –  foreign students (extramural form)                4 years

Master – foreign students (extramural form)                   1 year 6 months


Bachelor – foreign students (full time education form)  4 years

Bachelor – foreign students (extramural form)               4 years


Management of Organizations and Administration

(By economic activity) (specialization)

Master – foreign students (extramural form)                  1 year 6 months

Educational Institution Management (specialization)

Master – foreign students (extramural form)                  1 year 6 months


(Personnel Management and Labor Economics) (specialization)


Bachelor – foreign students (full time education form)  4 years

Bachelor – foreign students (extramural form)               4 years  


(Personnel Management and Labor Economics) (specialization)

Master – foreign students (extramural form)                  1 year 6 months


Master – foreign students (extramural form)                  1 year 6 months



To receive further information about admission
 to the University  you can apply to:

52-A Sichovykh Striltsiv Str., Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine
Building 2-a, Floor 4, Room 412
Tel/fax:. +380-44-484-39-75

Application form On training at the Preparatory Department Education Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology State Higher Educational Institution  "University of Educational Management"

Consent to personal data collection and processing

Requisities for paying and organizational support of arrival of foreign entrant