Anufrieva Oksana Leonidivna

Head of Postgraduate Studies


Preparation at Department of Postgraduate Studies is implemented due to:

  • Costs of State Budget of Ukraine (for state order – for work at public sector of national economy, education and science);
  • Costs of juridical and natural persons (in conditions of contract – for work at public and non-public sectors of national economy, education and science).

Preparation of foreigners and  persons without citizenship is realized on the grounds     of international agreements of Ukraine, National programs, and also agreements, concluded by University with juridical and natural persons.

Persons who have higher education and qualification of “specialist” or “master” are admitted for postgraduate studies by contest basis.

Persons, who have scientific title of Candidate of Science, scientific achievements and published works  in chosen scientific specialty, and  are able to conduct on high level fundemental, search and applied scientific researches are admitted for doctoral studies.

Education at postgraduate department is executed with tearing off from production and without tearing off from  production. 

Term of study at postgraduate department with  tearing off from production is not more than 3 years, and without tearing off from  production – 4 years. Term of doctoral studies on general grounds is not more than 3 years.

Projects of annual and prospect plans of admission for postgraduate studies by state order are working out by University and approved by Presidium of Academy of Educational Sciences.

Amount of postgraduate and doctoral students, preparation of whose is realized out of state order, is distinguished by Rector of University.

Announcement of contest admission for postgraduate studies of University is published in media not later than 3 monthes before start of admission with indicating scientific specialties, terms and conditions of admission and list of necessary documents.

Interactions of postgraduate student or doctoral student and regulations of work with them at University are indicated on the base of “Statute About Preparation Scientific and Pedagogical, and Scientific Personnel”, approved by Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine since 01.03.1999 №309.

Scientific Council of University not less than 1 time per year is covered issues of preparation scientific and scientific and pedagogical personnel, reviews staff of scientific supervisors, consultants.

Specialties of Postgraduate Studies:

13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics;
13.00.04 – Theory and Methodology of Professional Education;
13.00.06 – Theory and Methodology of Administration of Education;
19.00.01 – General Psychology and History of Psychology;
19.00.05 – Social Psychology; Psychology of Social work;
19.00.07 – Pedagogical and Age Psychology.

Forms and Terms of Study:

  • Daily form – 3 years
  • Correspondence form – 4 years

Entrants passes such admission exams:

  • Philosophy
  • Pedagogics
  • Psychology
  • Foreign Language