Center for International Cooperation and Education is a structural subdivision of the State Institution of Higher Education "University of Educational Management" (hereinafter - the University) created with the goal to intensify international educational activities of the University.

The main tasks of the Center

  • Promoting activities to attract foreign citizens to study at our University.
  • Organizing admission of foreign citizens to our University.
  • Registration of foreign citizens at the place of residence, preparation of relevant documentation.
  • Organization and provision of the educational process in the preparatory department, for Years 1-4 courses of Bachelor’s Degree and Years 1-2 of Master’s Degree.
  • Assistance to students - foreign citizens and stateless persons in the procedure of Ukrainian recognition of their documents on secondary, secondary vocational, professional education issued by educational institutions of other countries and recognition of higher education degrees obtained in foreign institutions of higher education.
  • Organizing participation in programs of bilateral and multilateral interuniversity exchange of higher education students, graduate students, doctoral students, research and training stuff.
  • Organizing international conferences, symposia, congresses, other events and participation in international educational and scientific programs, etc.
  • Promoting the academic mobility of research and training staff and graduates, providing advisory information on the preparation of documentation for business trips abroad, internships, participation in international projects in accordance with international treaties of Ukraine.
  • Organizing and providing for international exchange within educational programs and projects.
  • Project developing (agreements, contracts, and memorandum) on cooperation with foreign educational institutions, research institutions, enterprises, organizations, associations, NGOs.
  • Establishing and maintaining links with diplomatic missions, international foundations, consulates, foreign research and educational institutions and other institutions of higher and postgraduate education.
  • Conducting negotiations with foreign partners, protocol support of official visits of foreign delegations.
  • Approval of decisions regarding the representation (participation) of the University staff in international events outside Ukraine, preparation of relevant documents.

 Priorities of the Center

  • Academic Mobility Development
  • International activities of SIHE “University of Educational Management” are aimed at ensuring its integration into the international university community and attaining additional opportunities for accelerated development within Bologna Process and European integration. Developing academic mobility programs is one of the important parts of international activity of the University, allowing our research and training stuff as well as higher education students to improve their knowledge, master their skills and their level of foreign language proficiency, learn new teaching and learning technologies, get acquainted with culture and history of other countries, expand their worldview.
  •  Our Participation in International Projects and Programs
  • institutions in Ukraine and abroad SIHE "University of Educational Management" uses the experience of leading foreign Participation and implementation of international projects is one of the key priorities for the development of international activities of SIHE “University of Educational Management”. Implementation of such projects, in particular in partnership, allows to increase the level of scientific, scientific-pedagogical, educational and applied research, the general level of training and practical skills of faculty members as well as higher education students.
  • Establishing, supporting and developing partnerships with international in higher educational institutions, research institutions and NGOs, promotes existing ties and establishes new contacts with such institutions. As part of the development of partnerships with European universities, the University implements students’ and lecturers’ mobility programs, creates opportunities for their participation in international internships, symposia, conferences and seminars.
  • Participation in professional international networks
  • International activities of SIHE “University of Educational Management” are aimed at finding and creating new academic opportunities for additional scientific growth of higher education students, research and training stuff, raising internal scientific and educational standards, promoting a positive image of Ukraine and the University.
  •  Training of foreigners and stateless persons
  • Training of foreign students and stateless persons at the University of Educational Management is a major factor to strengthen international cooperation of partner universities and trust between countries as a result. Increasing the number of foreign students contributes to growth of University rating, its integration into global scientific and educational space.


 Director of the Center    

 Grytsai Svitlana Yurivna


Our  contact :

52-A, Sichovikh Striltsiv Str. 04053   Kyiv, Ukraine
 Tel. +38 (044) 481-38-40