Main Tasks of Department:

  • Providing University with competent collaborators of appropriate professions and specialty, forming conditions for efficient using their potential
  • Execution forecast and analysis works for  formation of personnel potential at University
  • Forming reserves for promotion of pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical personnel for substitution of vacant positions of senior lecturers, heads of departments, heads of structure subdivisions, deputy directors of institutes of University
  • Organization work in preparation, re-training and qualification improvement of leading, pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical personnel and other collaborators of University, conducting attestation, introduction of modern forms of work with personnel
  • Conducting system purposeful events for  realization propriety of personnel policy of development strategy of University
  • Realization of analytical and organizational work of personnel management
  • Conducting events  with aim of forming stable labor collective, reduction personnel flow and strengthening labour discipline
  • Providing rights, advantages and social warranties of collaborators of University according to valid legislation, formation of loyalty of collaborators and strengthening their motivation
  • Forming base of personal data of collaborators of University