Main Tasks and Functions of Department:

  • General administration of organization of educational process of university and control of its quality
  • Working out of normative documents  (Statutes, Instructions etc.)
  • Preparation of Projects, Orders and Decrees of Rector and Vice-Rector of Educational Work for organization of educational process at University
  • Control of organization of educational process at structure subdivisions of University
  • Control of planning and execution of educational work of lecturers
  • Planning and control of using of audit fund of University
  • Conducting monitoring of movement of students and learners, completing statistic reports in these issues at National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine
  • Quality analysis of educational, educational and methodological work of dean’s offices, departments and rendering methodological recommendations and consulting aid for education quality improvement at University (planning of pedagogical loading); compiling of educational and work plans; forming of educational documentation
  • Coordination of work of structure subdivisions of university in issues of organization of educational process with learners of courses of qualification improvement and studens
  • Providing departments and subdivisions of University by legislative, and normative and legislative documents, regulating educational process at University
  • Organization, audit and control of issue the  certificates of qualification improvement and diplomas of higher education
  • Revision and correction of educational, educational and thematic plans
  • Organization and planning audit of execution of educational loading at departments of University
  •  Execution of orders, decrees and commissions of leadership of University
  • Working out of methodological recommendations and instructive materials for planning work of departments, order of norms of educational loading and other types of work of lecturers
  • Control of in-time and quality compiling of study schedules, their propriety for educational plans