Main Tasks:

  • Realization of IT-policy in forming, support and development of information system of University
  • Methodological and technical assistance of IT, which is innovated at University
  • Support of local net services in field of informatization of education, scientific researches and administration of University
  • Participation in realization of programs of continuous education and qualification improvement of workers of education for mastering and using information and communication technologies (ICT) in educational, scientific and administrative activity
  • Learning market of electronic educational resources (EER), modern ICT and their adaptation for needs of University
  • Support of all-Institute program and apparatus complexes of distant learning
  • Interaction with companies-outsourcers with aim to use external Internet-services and EER
  • Rendering consulting services for structure subdivisions of University in issues of informatization of educational, scientific and administrative activity
  • Improvement of professional qualification of workers of Centre


  • Organizes and conduct at appropriate level the events for forming, support and d evelopment of  ICT and net technologies (NT) of University
  • Conducts unique at University IT-policy for using ICT, including forming and development of architecture, computer infrastructure, technical equipment, working out of  projects using technologies, preparation of recommendations for work in information environments, search and interaction with companies-outsourcers
  • In interaction with educational and scientific Institutes and other subdivisions of University supports at efficient state and develop corporate computer net of University and local nets of its subdivisions
  • Provides access of collaborators and students of University for Internet and its services
  • Renders technique and program providing of system of independent education of learners and students
  • Conducts events for forming, support and development of automatization  record keeping of University
  • Realizes educational events (seminars, conferences etc.)  among collaborators, learners and students of University for using of EER and NT in educational, scientific and administrative activity

With aim to widen of base of knowledge, information and technique base of University Centre participates in external activity of University, including International.