Rights and Obligations of Students

According to Law of Ukraine  “About Higher Education”

1. Persons who study at higher educational institutions have right for:

1) Choice of study form during admission to higher educational institution

2) Safe and harmless conditions of study, labor and life

3) Labor activity in out of study time

4) Additional paying vacation due to study by basic place of work, short working day and other privileges, foreseen by legislation for persons who combine work with learning

5) Charge free using libraries, information funds, educational, scientific and sports base of higher educational institution

6) Charge free providing information for study in accessible formats using technologies including limits of vital activity, caused by health state (for persons with particular educational needs)

7) Using production, culture and educational, life, health bases of higher educational institution in order, foreseen by Statute of higher educational institution

8) Providing Hostel for term of study in order, established by legislation

9) Participation in scientific and research, research and construction works, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, contests, presentation own works for publication

10) Participation in events of education, scientific, scientific and research, sports, art, public activity, conducting in Ukraine and abroad, in order established by legislation

11) Participation in discussion and solving issues of improvement educational process, scientific and research work, appointment of scholarships, leisure organization, life, health

12) Introduction proposals of conditions and size of payment for study

13) Participation in public unions

14) Participation in activity of bodies of public self-governance of higher education institution, institutes, faculties, departments, scientific council of higher education institution, bodies of student self-governance

15) Choice of educational disciplines in frames  foreseen by appropriate educational program and work curricula in amount that includes not less 25 % of general amount of credits of ECTS, foreseen for given level of higher education. By this obtainers of definite level of education has right to choose educational disciplines offered for other levels of higher education, with approving with supervisor of appropriate faculty or subdivision

16) Study simultaneously by several educational programs, and also at several educational institutions, by condition of receiving only one higher education by every level by costs of state (local) budget

17) Academic mobility including international

18) Receiving social assistance in cases established by lehislation

19) Enrolling for insurance experience term according to Law of Ukraine “About General Obligatory State Pension Insurance” the study periods by daily form at higher education institutions, postgraduate studies, clinical residency, intership, residents, in conditions of voluntary payment of insurance fee

20) Academic vacation or break at study with keeping separate rights of obtainer of higher education, and also for renewal education in order, established by central body of executive power in field of education and science

21) Participation in forming individual; curriculum

22) Moral and material stimulation for successes in education, scientific and research and public service, for art and sports achievements etc.

23) Defence from any form of exploitation, physical and psychic violence

24) Charge free passing practice at enterprises, establishments, institutions and organizations, and also for labor payment during implementation production functions due to legislation

25) Vacation during not less 8 calendar days per academic year

26) Receiving purposeful privilege state credits for obtaining higher education by order established by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

27) Appeal of activities of administration bodies of higher educational institution and their authority persons, pedagogical and scientific and pedagogical personnel

28) Special educational and rehabilitation assistance and free access to infrastructure of higher educational institution according to medical and social indexes by presence of limits of vital activity due to health state

2. Persons who study at higher educational institution by daily form by costs of state or local budget has right to receive scholarships in order established by legislation

3. Persons who study at higher educational institution could receive other scholarships appointed by natural (juridical) persons

4. Size of scholarship fund of higher educational institution must provide payment of academic scholarships not less 2/3 and not more 75 %  students (cadets of non-military higher educational institutions) by daily form of study who study by costs of state budget not including persons who obtain social scholarships

5. Size of academic and social scholarship, order of its appointment and payment established by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 

6. Size of minimum academic and social scholarships for obtainers of educational degrees of higher education couldn’t be less 2/3 of size of living minimum in account per 1 person for month

7. Academic scholarships are payed not less  2/3 of students (cadets) of every course year (except 1st semester of 1st year of study)  by every specialty, not including persons, who receive social scholarships. Academic scholarship is received by students (cadets) who according to rating, complied at higher educational institution by results of semester control have obtained the best results of study. Before conducting first semester control the academic scholarship in minimum size is appointed for all students (cadets), enrolled for higher educational institution for 1st year of study

8. Persons, who achieved valuable successes in study and scientific activity by decision of Scientific Council of higher educational institution, could be awarded with personal scholarships

9. Obtainers of higher education, who study at higher educational institutions by daily form of study, have right for privilege drive by public  transport in order established by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

10. Students, cadets of higher educational institutions have right to receive student ticket , sample of which is approved by Central body of executive power in field of education and science 

Article, 63. Obligations of persons, who study at higher educational institutions

1. Persons, who study at higher educational institutions, are obligatory for:

1) Keeping requirements of legislation, statute and rules of inner order of higher educational institution

2) Realization requirements of labor safety, techniques of safety, production sanitary, fire-prevention security, foreseen by appropriate rules and instructions

3} Executions demands of educational (scientific) program