Our University is not just higher educational institution. It is unique organism, that has own “brain” and “heart”, due to which life of organism by title of University of Educational Management, energetically acts and run with super speed

If central and direction organ is “brain” – University Administration, “heart” – our student self-governance, which plays role in vital life of our educational institution

Student self-governance unites in own ranges optimistic, kind and smart students, able to render assistance everyone who needs it

Bodies of student self-governance acts by principles:

  • Willing, collective nature, openness
  • Electivity and reportness of bodies of student self-governance
  • Equality of students right for participation at student self-governance
  • Independence of impact of political parties  and religious organizations


  Aim of Student Self-Governance:

  • Creation appropriate conditions for self-realization of students in interests of personality of civil society of University
  • Assisting various forms of social activity; civil initiatives; self-realization of students

Task of Student Self-Governance:

  • Forming at students the skills, necessary for production active vital position, leadership features,  creative approaches for making various decisions
  • Development abilities of labor in  team and aspiration for corporate spirit