Department of Organizational Work and Record Keeping

Department of Organizational Work and Record Keeping is structure subdivision of State Higher Educational Institution “University of Educational Management” and subscribed to Rector.

Department of Organizational Work and Record Keeping establishes at University unique order documentation of administrative information and work with documents using modern automatic systems, executes methodological supervision  and control of keeping accepted order of work at structure subdivisions of University, provides safety of documentary  fund and using it.

Department also includes Archives.

Documentary providing – important component of activity of any establishments. Record keeping and organization of documentary exchange plays important role in activity of modern educational institutions.

Record Keeping – area of practical activity, that provides by documents efficient work of institution. Activity of collaborators of structure subdivisions of University closely joined with record keeping – forming, acceptance-sending, keeping, adopting documents. Rational organization of record keeping gives opportunity to provide quality and operative information exchange and acceptance of grounded administrative decisions.