Training Department of Central Institute of Postgraduate Education organizes own work on basis of successful experience of many years of providing qualification improvement of administrative, pedagogical and scientific and pedagogical personnel of education.

In structure of Institute Department exists since time of establishment of CIPPE of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (1999).

Training Department executes functions of planning, organization of educational process at Institute. In common with departments works out constructive ways of rendering magers-practitioners of education the possibility to improve professional competences by actual educational courses, programs. In context of modern requirements for postgraduate pedagogical education collaborators of Department form conditions for differentiation and individualization of education.

For participation in educational process leading professional are attracted of Departments of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, scientists of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, professionals of Institute of Modernization Education Contents  of Minidtry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Agency in Issues of Public Service of Ukraine, leading professionals of higher educational institutions.

In issues of development unique European space of higher education Department cooperates with public education organizations, in particular, with Union of Rectors of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine, Council of Directors of  Higher Educational Institutions of I-II Levels of Accreditation.

In frame of educational classes Department conducts “round tables”, organizes meetings with representatives of other public education organizations (Council of Directors of Secondary Education Institutions, All-Ukrainian Association of Lyceums and Gymnasiums), pedagogues-innovators, native and international culture and education organizations and etc.