Department of Management Psychology: YEARS OF CREATIVITY

Department of Management Psychology received its title in 1992 by initiative of Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor N.L. Kominskyi, but psychological providing postgraduate education was subject of attention of authorities since first days of formation University, then – Central Institute of Qualification Improvement Leading Workers of National Education of Ministry of Education of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

This certifies Order № 26а since March, 15th, 1953, when for reading lectures for administrators of education H.S. Kostiuk was appointed, famous scientist, founder of Ukrainian psychological opinion, after whom Ukrainian Institute of Psychology of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine  is named.

In 1972 Department of Psychology and Pedagogics was established, which Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences V.I. Bondar was headed (for today Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Member of  National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine). Important event for psychological science in field of postgraduate pedagogical education was the enrolling N.L. Kominskogo at Department of Psychology and Pedagogics in that 1972, who greatly contributed for psychological providing of process of postgraduate pedagogical education.

In 1976 by way of reorganization the Department of Psychology was formed, which was headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences V.O. Soloviienko, later, in 1981 Departments of Pedagogics and Psychology was again joined by supervision of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, M.U. Krasovytskyi.

Lecturers of Department worked commonly since 1992, when new formed Department of  Administration Psychology was  headed by N.L. Kominskyi. In this time at Deprtment such Candidates of Psychological Sciences and Associate Professors were working: O.I. Bondarchuk, H.O. Karpova, V.M. Levytskyi, I.V. Syngaiivska. Y.Z. Shaihorodskyi, and by combining two positions L.M. Karamushka, S.H. Moskvichov and other.

In 1998 Department of Management Psychology was supervised by Doctor of Psychological Sciences. Member of National Academy of Pedagogical Education of Ukraine O.V.Kyrychuk, and later Head of Department of Psychology formed on base of reorganized of Department of Administration Psychology became Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Correspondent Member of National   Academy of Pedagogical Education of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Techniques of Ukraine M.I. Boryshevskyi.

In 2004 Department of Psychology was headed by O.I. Bondarchuk (for today –  Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor). In 2008 with initiative of members of Departrment and in relation of specificity of tasks, which Department executed, by decision of Scientific Council of University, it was returned the title “Department of Administrative Psychology”.

New impulse for development Department became opening at University the Department of Postgraduate Studies by specialties: 19.00.01 – General Psychology; History of Psychology, 19.00.05 –  Social Psychology; Psychology of Social Work; 19.00.07 – Pedagogical and Age Psychology.

Works of Department Personnel certifies contribution of Department in providing solution actual psychological issues of administration. Thus, in later years researches in scientific and research themes are realized “Social and Psychological Factors of Motivation of Professional Improvement Personality of  Administrative Personnel in Education” (state registration number 0199U004314, 2003-2005), “Psychological Grounds of Stimulating Personal Development of Administrative Personnel (in conditions of postgraduate pedagogical education)” (state registration number 0109U003632, 2009-2011), “Psychological training of heads of educational organizations to work in conditions of changes” (state registration number 0112 U 000700 2012-2014) by results of which monographs, educational  manuals and scientific and methodological manuals are published and prepared for publishing, that have immediate way out for Psychological Theory and Practice of Postgraduate  Pedagogical Education of Heads of Educational Organizations  (see list of papers).

Results of implementation certified high efficiency of scientific works out of Department and obtained approving grades of learners of University.

Scientific works of collaborators of Department were represented at numerous International scientific and practical conferences in Ukraine, including, organized and conducted by Department annually, in particular, I-VII International scientific and practical conferences “Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance of Professional Preparation and Qualification Improvement in Conditions of Transformation of Education” (Kyiv, 2009-2015).

Besides, for latest ten years psychological issues of improvement activity of educational organizations in Ukraine were represented at such scientific forums abroad: The XIII European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology/ Sustainable Work: Promotion Human Organizational Vitality, (Stockholm, 2007); XthEuropean Congress of Psychology: Mapping of Psychological Knowledge for Society (Prague, 2007); The XXIX International Congress of Psychology (Berlin, 2008); 11th European Congress of Psychology (Oslo, Norwegian, 2009.); Work and Organizational Psychology Problems and Challenges in Poland and Ukraine / Polish-Ukrainian Workshop (Katowice, Poland, 2009); 15thConference of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (Maastricht City, Netherlands, 2011), III International Scientific and Practice Conference “Actual Issues of Psychology, Business and Social Field of Society: Theory and Practice (Latvia, Ryga, May 24-25th, 2012)”,  IAREP Conference «Microcosm of Economic Psychology» (Wroclaw, Poland, 5-8 September 2012), XIII KONFERENCJА NAUKOWА Z CYKLU «Nierówności społeczne a wzrost gospodarczy. Modernizacja dla spójności społeczno-ekonomicznej. – Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Katedra Teorii Ekonomii i Stosunków Międzynarodowych Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie, Katedra Ekonomii Stosowanej (Polska, Rzeszów, 25–26.09.2014), The 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology (Paris France, 8-13 July 2014), 14th European Congress of Psychology (Italy, Milan, 7-10 July 2015 ) and other.

Department closely cooperates with Regional Institutes of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, in particular: Zakarpattia, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Khmelhytsk Regional Institutes of Postgraduate Education, and also leading scientific establishments and higher educational institutions of Ukraine, in particular, Institute of Psychology of National Academy of   Educational Sciences of Ukraine of H.S. Kostiuk  (Laboratory of Organizational Psychology); Kamianetsk-Podilsk National University of Ivan Ohiienko (Department of Psychology of Education) and other. Besides, collaborators of Department are members of Ukrainian Association of Organizational Psychologists and Labor Psychologists, European Association of Organizational and Work Psychologists etc.

At Department are: Centre “Dialogue” and common with Rivne Regional Institute of  Postgraduate Pedagogical Education the Laboratory of Psychology of Professionalism.

For prospect directions of Department work we could include of grounds and psychological providing qualification improvement learners in conditions daily and correspondence form of study, working out courses and other type educational classes, adopted to conditions of distant stage  qualification improvement of learners of University using modern information and communication technologies.