Postgraduate students who study at UMO have to know:

  • Order of attestation of postgraduate, doctoral  and attached students
  • Documents, which have to be kept at personal file
  • Order of approving and coordination of theme
  • Requirements for passing of Candidate exams for postgraduate and attached students 
  1. Tickets by specialty 13.00.01
  2. Tickets by specialty 13.00.04
  3. Tickets by specialty 13.00.06
  4. Tickets by specialty 19.00.01
  5. Tickets by specialty 19.00.05
  6. Tickets by specialty 19.00.07
  7. Issues for exam tickets for passing Candidate Exam in Philosophy
  • Order of attachment for scientific subdivisions for writing of  thesis
  • Requirements of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine  for scientific articles of postgraduate students
  • Instruction materials of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine  for order of preparation, issuance and rendering of theses and author reports for receiving scientific title – Doctor (Candidate) of Sciences
  • Payment check for study at Department of Postgraduate Studies (of for passing Candidate Exam)
  • Individual Study Plan of postgraduate student
  • Contract for study
  • Attestation Letter
  • Passports of specialties, by which at UMO preparation of theses are realized:
  1. Passport of specialty 13.00.01
  2.  Passport of specialty 13.00.04
  3. Passport of specialty 13.00.06
  4. Passport of specialty 19.00.01
  5. Passport of specialty 19.00.05
  6. Passport of specialty 19.00.07

Educational and examination sessions of postgraduate students are realizes 2 times per year in November and May