The Council of Young Scientists


The Council of Young Scientists (hereinafter CYS) of University of Educational Management of NAES of Ukraine (hereinafter UEM) is a public professional association created to promote the professional and scientific growth of University’s young scientists; practicing their scientific, cultural and social interests and rights; spreading the latest achievements in the field of psychology and education among scientific youth; organizing pedagogical, research and creative activities of young scientists.




It was founded on March 29th, 2016, and is still active.


Young scientists are those under the age of 35 inclusive, who received their Ph.D., post-graduates in the process of their Ph.D. research, research and training staff of UEM, as well as those holding Hab.Dr. degree and doctoral students under the age of 40 inclusive.


The Council acts in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities", the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Approval of the Plan of Activities to Support Young Scientists", normative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Statute of SIHE “UEM”, Regulations on CYS determining main directions and forms of work of self-governing bodies in higher educational institutions.


In its activities, CYS is guided by the principles of voluntariness, openness, equality, self-governance and scientific ethics. The founder of the Council is UEM, thus providing organizational, consulting and financial support for its activities. The activities of the UEM’s CYS are coordinated by the university administration via Vice-rector for scientific work and digitalization.



The main goal of CYS is to support youth scientific initiatives, to involve young people in research, to promote the development of their scientific and creative potential, to exercise their rights to participate in research, technical and innovative activities, aimed at forming the personality of a modern researcher with fundamental professional knowledge and a broad scientific outlook.



Board of the Council of Young Scientists of the University:

Marchuk Inna Volodymyrivna - Head of the Council of Young Scientists of the University, post-graduate student of the Department of Management of Education and Law of the University.

Didenko Maryna Serhiyivna - Deputy Head of the Council of Young Scientists of the University, senior lecturer of the Department of Psychology and Personal Development, Ph. D. in Psychology.


Maslov Valentyn Ivanovych - scientific consultant, Hab. Dr. in Education, professor.


The members of CYS are young scientists under the age of 35, representatives of UEM, numbered: 42 members of CYS, including 2 researchers, 39 post-graduate students and 1 doctoral student.