Effort unity of experts in education and science, business, and NGOs together with institutions of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine opens up new opportunities for cooperation for effective solution of the urgent problems faced by the national education system, its scientific support in the conditions of martial law and in the new conditions of Ukrainian society development in the context of European integration and world globalization.

Taking into account the above and having a mutual interest in innovative development of education, science and business, with the aim of integration into European educational and research space, activation of international cooperation and joint participation in programs and projects of international organizations and foundations, SIHE "University of Educational Management" of NAES of Ukraine concluded Memorandums on Cooperation and Partnership with Golda Meir Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for the Development of Civil Society, Israeli Medical Mission in Ukraine, and "Fashion Globus Ukraine"National Industry Partnership in the Light Industry of Ukraine.

The signing of the Memorandums was preceded by discussing directions and ways of cooperation at the meeting of Vasyl Kremen, President of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Mykola Kyrychenko, Rector of our University, and Vyacheslav Suprun, Director of Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology, with representatives of future partners. Natalia Muranova, vice-rector for scientific and educational work and international relations of the University, and Inna Otamas, vice-rector for scientific work and digitalization, also took part in the meetings.

Memorandums of Cooperation were signed by Albert Feldman, director of Golda Meir Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for the Development of Civil Society, public figure, head of the Israeli Medical Mission in Ukraine, and Golda Vynogradska, head of “Fashion Globus Ukraine” National Industry Partnership.

There are important projects ahead: for the development of civil society and the provision of high-quality educational services, joint participation in the modernization of educational programs for training and professional development, creating training programs for practical psychologists in the education system in certain topical areas of activity, including mental health, post-traumatic syndrome and its rehabilitation; IDPs assistance; provision of methodological, scientific, expert support from Israeli specialists; improving methodological support and supervision of the professional activity of practical psychologists in the educational system; "University of Educational Management" joining "Forum of Good Affairs", etc.