International Activity

International cooperation of University is directed for development of cooperation with international organizations and establishments, foreign educational funds and professional organizations, with profile academies and educational institutions of different countries.

University cooperates with such educational institutions abroad as:

  • Academy of Qualification Improvement and Professional Preparation of Education Collaborators (Russia)
  • Russian Academy of Education “institute of Pedagogical Education”
  • Republic Institute of Qualification Improvement of Leading and Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel of education system of Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Academy of Postgraduate Education (Republic of Belarus)
  • Republic Institute of Professional Education (Republic of Belarus)
  • Autonomous Education Institution of Higher Professional Institute “Leningrad State University of O.Pushkin” (Russia)
  • Baku Institute of Qualification Improvement and Re-training Pedagogical Personnel (Azerbaidzhan)
  • Azerbaidzhan Institute of Teachers
  • Scientific and Educational Complex “D. Livingstone American University of Floryda – Christian Humanitarian and Economic Open University – Ukrainian Representation of Moscow Humanitarian and Economic Institute”

According to concluded agreements the foreign partners of University also became:

  • West Michigan University (USA)
  • Main Scientific and Methodological Centre in Organization of Re-training and Qualification Improvement of Pedagogical and Administrative Personnel of Higher Education System of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of Republic of Uzbekystan
  • Institute of Additional Education of Moscow City Pedagogical University (Russia)
  • University of Yan Kokhanovskyi (Poland)
  • Institute of Sciences of Family and Social Work of Lublin Catholic University of John Paul II (Poland)
  • Wielkopolska Higher Scocial and Economic School in Schrade (Poland)
  • Project Bureau “KulturKontakt”  of  Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture (Wien, Austria)
  • Central and European University in Skalica City (Republic of Slovakia)
  • Lublin Polytechnic, Lublin (Poland)
  • Institute of Additional Education of Moscow State Pedagogical University
  • Ltd.Company "Jannet Ukraina - Azerbaijan" (Republic of Azerbaijan)

Signing agreements about common activity in field of education is realized on base of University of Educational Management.

In process of cooperation events of development of postagraduate  pedagogicl education are realized (conducting common educational and methodological, scientific, scientific and research, scientific and methodological and organizational and practice work).

According to Statute of Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “About presentation of publications of scientists of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine in world system of scientific communication” and with aim of providing of efficient organization of access for electronic resources of scientific and metric bases of Scopus,  Web of Science and scientific periodicals of leading world publishing-houses Elsevier, Springer in University of Educational Management the activity is realized of presentation publications of scientists of University of Educational Management of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine according to requirements of international data bases.

Control of presentation publications is permanently executed by scientists of University of Educational Management of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine in world system of scientific communication.

According to Memorandum About Mutual Understanding  № 132 since 12.02.2015 between Catholic University of John Paul II (Poland) and State Higher Educational Institution of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, work is started by program “Exchange of Students and Lecturers”. First visit of Ukrainian students and lecturers was organized to Lublin since, March, 16th till April, 20th. Its participants became Halyna Bevz and four students of Institute of Psychology and Management of University of Educational Management, who obtain higher education by specialty: “Psychology”: Anna Kalibaba, Kateryna Banshchykova, Oleksanra Novi, Victoria Matsarska.

Since 12.05 till 19.05.2015 the opposite meeting of Polish delegation of Institute of Sciences of Family and Social Work of Lublin Catholic University of John Paul II in frames of student scientific conference “Days of Science – 2015: science and practice in professional activity of specialist”. During the meeting students and lecturers of Lublin Catholic University were acquainted with peculiarities of psychological and social work with families in Ukraine, in particular, in Kyiv City and Kyiv Region, and also with specifics of work at state and non-state social organizations.

In February, April and June 2015 the training was realized of scientific and pedagogical personnel, masters and learners of qualification improvement courses of University in frames of realization Austrian and Ukrainian Project “KulturKontact” (Austria) “Forming Competences in Project Management of Innovation School Development for School Administrators of Ukraine”.

Since March, 23rd  till March 29th  2015 in frame of cooperation of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, University with DVV International – representation (nongovernmental) organization “Union of National Universities of Germany” educational trip was executed of first Vice-Rector of University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Yevhenia Chernyshova to Estonia. Aim of educational trip – introducing with working experience of Estonia in field of education of adults during working meetings in Estonia, Tallinn University (at Department of Andragogics, in centre of innovations in world), Association of Informal Education, Centre of National Culture.