On June 7th, 2022, Rector Mykola Kyrychenko successfully met with Bachelor's degree students at SIHE “University of Educational Management” of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine. The meeting was held on Zoom platform with a simultaneous broadcast on the University YouTube channel.

The event covered almost 90 participants – University graduates who intend to take part in 2022 admission campaign  and continue their studies at SIHE "University of Educational Management" of NAES of Ukraine for Master's degree.

The event was attended by: Natalia Muranova, Vice-Rector for Research, Education and International Relations, Heads of Training Departments: Iryna Sidanich, Pavlo Lushin, Tetiana Burlaenko, Eugene Kartashov, Directorate of the Institute of Management and Psychology headed by Director Tetiana Rozhnova; Olena Beznos, Head of the Department for Monitoring the Quality of Education, Licensing and Accreditation as well as research and teaching staff.

The program of the meeting included a speech by Rector Mykola Kyrychenko; acquaintance of Bachelor's degree applicants with the Rules of admission for higher education at the State Institution of Higher Education "University of Educational Management" in 2022 for admission to the Master's Program and the requirements and criteria for writing a cover letter; informing about preparation for the Master's test on educational competence; presentation of educational and professional training programs for applicants for the second (Master's) level of higher education at the University.

Tetiana Rozhnova, Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology of the University, introduced the speakers and opened the event.

During the meeting Rector Mykola Kyrychenko expressed confidence that the students of the University of Educational Management have great prospects for continuing their studies, but the innovations of the admission campaign force them to work hard on their future. The university provides ample opportunities for study in promising educational and professional and educational-scientific programs, participation in internship and exchange projects, provides academic mobility of students for non-formal education, helps to implement ambitious plans. The university is actively introducing a system of disciplines chosen by students for professional orientation, ensures the quality of educational training, implemented distance learning as an answer to challenging modern realities, created a corporate network for information exchange.

Vira Dragunova, Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee, informed the audience about the innovations of the admission campaign to the Master's Program at SIHE "University of Educational Management".

Yana Sukhenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Personal Development, introduced the requirements and criteria for writing a motivation letter to the students.

Tetiana Burlaenko, Head of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management, presented the program of preparation for the Master's Test of Academic Competence, emphasizing that in mid-June the Department will start preparing everyone for the Master's Test.

Research and teaching staff of the graduate departments: Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management (Assoc. Prof. Tetyana Burlaenko), Public Administration and Project Management (Prof. Iya Degtyareva), Psychology and Personal Development (Assoc. Prof. Yana Sukhenko), Pedagogy, Administration and Special Education (Prof. Irina) educational and professional training programs for applicants for the second (Master's) level of higher education of the University were presented. The programs were presented according to the structural and logical scheme: the advantages of studying for a Master's degree; the purpose of the educational program; key requirements of employers to the competencies of specialists; competencies that a specialist must have; innovations in the educational process for the training of specialists; Soft skills - as one of the most important contributions to the future career of a graduate; where Master's graduates are employed; feedback from employers.

The speakers focused the attention of future Masters on the importance of choosing a higher education institution and the correct choice of profession.

Many thanks to all participants who joined the event to choose their own future!