On February 3rd, 2022, SIHE “University of Educational Management” of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine together with Ranok Publishing House held "Transformations in Education: Challenges and Prospects" International Forum. The event was broadcast on the YouTube channel and covered more than 10,000 educators from all regions of Ukraine, speakers from educational and research institutions, NGOs, as well as foreign experts from Britain, China, Georgia, Singapore, Poland, Finland and Croatia.

The main purpose of the forum was providing qualified assistance in adapting to an important stage of implementation of the NUS concept in the basic level of secondary school, supporting teachers, encouraging them, helping teachers entering reformed school without anxiety and disappointment. This is urgent for teachers, who next year will have to ensure the implementation of the principle of continuity with the achievements of primary level of education.

The forum provided for the exchange of experience of the professional community of leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists, authors of educational and methodological kits, heads of general secondary educational institutions, methodologists and teachers.

"Transformations in Education: Challenges and Prospects" International Forum included a plenary session and several sections: language and literature, foreign language, natural sciences, mathematical, information, civic and historical, artistic, technological, section of heads of secondary educational institutions .

Victor Kruglov, director of Ranok Publishing House, greeted everybody with a welcoming speech.

At the plenary session, participants listened to profound reports:

  • "Psychological and Pedagogical Portrait of a Primary School Student in the Realities of NUS"  by Oksana Onoprienko, Head of the Primary Education Department of the Institute of Pedagogy of NAES of Ukraine, Ph.D. in Educational Sciences, senior researcher;
  • "Meet the Alpha Generation in Grade 5" by Katerina Goltsberg, child and family psychologist, President of the Association of Child Analytical Psychologists;
  • "Transformation of Teachers' Professional Development: Challenges for the Management of the New Ukrainian School" by Tamara Sorochan, Director of CIPE of SIHE “UMO”, Hab.Dr. in Educational Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine;
  • "Opportunities to Assess Neuromotor Readiness of Children to Learn" by Sally Goddard Blythe, Director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester (UK), author of books and scientific articles on child development and neuro-development;
  • “Singapore School Education System” by Pak Ti Ying, Deputy Dean for Leadership Training at the National Institute of Education of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore;
  • “China Education Trends: Ideas for Borrowing and Beware” by Anastasia Kornienko (Barry), International Education Consultant, Former International Team Director, ASDAN China;
  • "Digital Teaching Aids as Relevant Tools for Organizing Education at NUS” by Andriy Tabachyn, co-founder and chairman of EdPro;
  • "Training Projects as a Tool for Competence Development" by Pavel Tvaliashvili;
  • "Learning and Personal Development in the context of Educational Modernization" by Masha Hrvatin, Project Manager of Development And Modernization of Education Department of Profil Klett Publishing House.

Nadiya Lyubchenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Educational Management and Law of the Central Institute of Postgraduate Education of UMO, Ph.D. in Educational Sciences, Assos. Professor, made a report on "Hardskills and Softskills of a Head of a General Secondary Educational Institution in the context of Professional Standards" at the section for heads of general secondary educational institutions.

Mykola Kyrychenko, Rector of UMO, as well as Natalia Muranova, Vice-Rector for Research and Education Work and International Relations; scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Educational Management and Law, headed by Zoya Ryabova, the Head of the Department, also took part in the International Forum.

The forum covered the problems of preparing teachers to work in the context of reform, the transition to the next level (Grades 5-9), provided practical advice on the transformation of professional development of teachers and heads of secondary educational institutions.

Research and teaching staff of the Central Institute of Postgraduate Education of the University of Education Management of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine as a leader in training teachers of Ukraine, a provider of innovative ideas and technologies for professional development, are always ready to teach and learn!