On November 25th, 2021, Mykola Kyrychenko, Rector of SIHE “University of Educational Management” of NAES of Ukraine, held negotiations with representatives of the International Mind Education Institute (IMEI) Ryu Yigu (Republic of Korea) and Andriy Miftakhov. Thanks to the support of the governments of 58 countries, IMEI actively works with young people.

The meeting was also attended by Natalia Muranova, Vice-Rector for Research, Education and International Relations, and Svitlana Hrytsai, Director of the Center for International Cooperation and Education.

Professor Ryu Yigu presented to the participants examples of successful implementation of MIND-intelligence Level in educational institutions in South Korea and in other countries, particularly, the features of MIND-education and its positive impact on human thinking resulting in changed behavior.

International Mind Education Institute headed by Rector Jae Hong Kim, educates and instills correct thinking that brings real change to human life; tries to help people live happily, overcoming problems and influencing society by educating their character and way of thinking.

Rector of our University Mykola Kyrychenko stressed the importance of continuing cooperation with the International Mind Education Institute (IMEI), especially in terms of the leading idea of IMEI’s goal - the formation of a modern person with innovative mindset. As a result of negotiations it was agreed to resume guest lectures for students by professors from the Republic of Korea; conducting special trainings for research and teaching staff on the effective implementation of MIND-education; adapting educational programs, manuals, textbooks on MIND-education to the Ukrainian educational space.

The parties noted the prospects for further cooperation and agreed on the possibility of concluding a Memorandum of Cooperation between the State Institution of Higher Education "University of Educational Management" of NAES of Ukraine and International Mind Education Institute (IMEI).