Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Educational sciences». Edition 13(42) 2020



Vasyl Bazеliuk. Effective school as a resource for ensuring the quality of education

Verdiyeva Mehbanu Alimurad gizi. Modern pedagogical requirements to the teacher's professional competence

Svitlana Grynyuk, Alla Zasluzhena. Monitoring research in higher education: national and supernational dimensions

Nina Zhuravska. Formation of readyness of future school principals to the application of innovation

Anna Zvarych. Monitoring of educational and cognitive activity of students as an indicator of quality of educational services

Valentyna Kalusenko, Liubov Kartashova. Theoretical basics of training specialists in the information environment

Valentyna Kushnir. Linguistic competence as a factor of self-perfection motivation of future doctors

Svitlana Lytovchenko. Automation system of operation of inclusive resources centers: content on special education needs

Natalia Lopina. The results of the electronic education course «fundamentals of methodology of the electronic courses development in the field of medical education»

Larysa Petrenko. Strategic guidelines of scientific and pedagogical workers professional development in the conditions of open education

Volodymyr Piddiachyi. The essence and content of professionalization of teachers in the context of lifelong education

Aygun Rustamova. Initiation of training activities for junior schoolchildren. Crisis of ages 6–7

Iryna Sidanich, Features of the organization of the educational process of the applicants of educational-professional program «Сhristian pedagogy»

Tetyana Stoychyk. Conceptual basics of quality management for training of competitive specialists

Hanna Tkachuk. Quality-control assessment of the learning technology in the process of training graduates in chemistry

Oksana Tour, Svitlana Yalanska. Educational environment as an important condition for the formation of communicative competence of future preschool education professionals

Lilia Ukleina. Theoretical analysis of the development of the department of training of future administrators of the entrepreneurship in the institution of professional profession (profession)

Faramazov Azer Suratullah oghlu. English phraseological units with temporal meaning: semantic characteristic

Anatoly Yurkov. Ready for an army psychologist to professional activities in the armed forces of Ukraine