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Collection of scientific papers "BULLETIN OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION" Educational sciences Series


ISSN 2218-7650

DOI: 10.37321

ID 47812 ;


ISSN 2218-7650  
ID 47812

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine
State Institution of Higher Education
«University of Educational Management»

Postgraduate education

Collection of scientific papers

Educational Sciences Series

Еducation/Pedagogy: 01; spec code: 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016

Registration certificate KV No 22072-11972PR dated 22.04.2016. 

Listed in the list of scientific professional publications 
in the field Pedagogical sciences Decision of the Appraisal 
Board Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 
Resolution of the Presidium of HAC of Ukraine 
№ 1643 of 28.12.2019 (dod. № 4) 
Educational sciences Series (Category «B»)

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