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Collection of scientific papers "BULLETIN OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION" Management and administration Series


ISSN 2522-9958

ID 48028

DOI 10.32405/2522-9958 


ISSN 2522-9958  
ID 48028  
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
NationalAcademy of Educational Science of Ukraine
State Institution of Higher Education
«University of Educational Management»
of Postgraduate education
Collection of scientific papers
Management and administration Series
Registration certificate KV No 22086-11986P dated 16.05.2016.
Listed in the enumeration of scientific professional publications  
in the field of management and administration  
by the decision of the Attestation Board of the Ministry of Education  
and Science of Ukraine of 13.03.2017 № 374 (addition 8)  
series «Management and administration»  
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