Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 15(44) 2021




Kateryna Balakhtar. Training program «creativity development of foreign language teachers as a factor of their subjective well-being»

Olena Bondarchuk. Adult personality: specifics and psychological mechanisms of development

Oleksandra Brukhovetska, Svetlana Kazakova, Nataliia Pinchuk. Peculiarities of manifestation of attitudes of leaders institutions of vocational (vocational and technical) education to other people in the communication process with consumers of educational services

Anna Kovalchuk. Theoretical fundamentals of the concept «attitude of personality to reality»

Igor Krasilnikov, Oksana Mats. Existential-conflict states of the personality in the aspect of value orientation of adolescents

Pavel Lushyn. «The innovation to preserve»: an implicit resource in preparation of psychologists within a traditional educational ecosystem

Oleksandr Sannikov, Svitlana Sribna. Motivation and will in the regulation of individual’s decision-making


Oksana Anufrieva. The use of Eduscrum is in teaching of economic disciplines

Oksana Sytnyk. The need for the development of emotional intelligence of a manager in a competitive economy

Zinaida Smutchak. Social entrepreneurship in Ukraine: a gender aspect


Igor Dunayev, Dmytro Kostennikov. Designing public policy of selective migration and further integration of foreign skilled workers in Ukraine

Mykola Durman. Some aspects of formation and implementation of state regulatory policy (on the example of the United States of America)

Mykola Kyrychenko. Fighting the vulnerability of digitalization as a state objective of each country

Aleksandr Kud. Decentralized information platforms as a tool of public governance modernization