Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 13(42) 2020




Irina Bondarevskaya, Viktoriya Mykhaylenko. Curriculum «Psychology of economic behavior of a specialist» with art-development techniques

Olena Bondarchuk, Oleksandra Brukhovetska, Tatyana Chausova. Gender and age peculiarities of the inner freedom of future psychologists’ personality

Olena Bondarchuk, Nataliia Pinchuk. Professional autonomy of scientific and pedagogical workers as an indicator of their subjective well-being

Alica Yermakova. Sexual health problems in the modern world

Antonina Kichuk. Some applied aspects of the problem of forming the foundations of students' psycho-emotional health

Viktoriia Furman. Psychological features of the relationship between emotional intelligence and student creativity


Alfred Kuratashvili. Economic fascism and its manifestations as a gambling «games» and other criminal actions in the state


Nina Didenko. He influence of the modern paradigm of public management on the development and making of adoption decisions

Mykola Kyrychenko, Inna Otamas. UNESCO and UN ON population awareness about Covid-19: prospects

Tetyana Lukina. State final certification of gymnasium graduates under quarantine restrictions of the educational process