Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 14(43) 2020




Halyna Bevz, Alina Melnyk. Information and sosial information as subject area of psychological and interdisciplinary research

Oleksandra Brukhovetska. Formation of management empathy as a key professionally important quality of heads of general secondary education institutions

Oksana Davydova. Empirical study of the interrelation between the stereotypical image of the profession of psychologists with the manifestation of reflection of students psychologists

Natalia Dovgan. The category of generations’ texts: the social-cultural aspect

Ivan Zhebchuk. Situational use of means of psychological influence in the work of the head of a secondary school

Oleksandr Sannikov. Thoroughness as a factor of personality’s decision-making

Natalya Torba, Nadegda Verchenko. Research of psychological competence of pedagogical workers of establishments of professional (professional-technical) education institutions


Zinaida Smutchak. Pandemic of Covid-19 as key impact factor on labour market in Ukraine


Alfred Kuratashvili. Theoretical basisstate manajement in the conditions of Socialism with a Chinese specificity

Yaroslav Sandrachuk. The mediation as an alternative way to resolve administrative disputes: foreign and domestic experience

Vyacheslav Suprun. Gender approach and gender-oriented education budgeting as a priority state policy of Ukraine