Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 16(45) 2021




Shahnaz Guliyeva. Psychological issues of influence of aggressive behavior on interpersonal relationships of young people

Olena Lytvynenko. Specifics of adolescents’ behavioral manifestations in the context of their personal formation

Natalia Melenchuk, Anna Shudra. Peculiarities of narcissive displays of personality in persons with different levels locus of control

Tetiana Palko, Borys Yakymchuk. Preparedness of lecturers of postgraduate pedagogical educational institutions for the development of teachers’ reflection

Olha Sannikova, Violetta Stakhovska. Emotional fundamentals of leadership: searching for individual differences

Оleg Shmanko. Social populism as a means of psychological manipulation of the electorate in the transitional ukrainian society


Vitaly Baranov. Business cases: from classics to innovation

Iuliiа Bondar, Nina Lehinkova, Irina Fabryca. Innovative activity: essence, principles of formation and conditions of maximization

Mariia Buhaieva, Valentuna Ruban. The impact of labor migration on the national labor market

Valentina Ivanova. Management of innovative activities of enterprises: assessment of the efficiency of the process

Nadiia Kovalenko, Nataliia Stoliarchuk. Business planning as a tool of airline management in conditions of pandemic crisis


Larysa Gaievska, Nataliia Pobirchenko, Nataliia Shulga. Role of state educational policy in the development of human capital: international view

Tetyana Lukina. Distance education in general secondary education in Ukraine: availability and efficiency in a pandemic

Myroslav Treshchov. Macroeconomic risks of Ukraine's budget policy under the crisis