Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 17(46) 2021




Svitlana Baida. Theoretical analysis of the problem of creativity in the context of the creative character of professional activities‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐10‐24

Oleksandra Brukhovetska, Tatyana Chausova. Conditions for self-actualization of teachers of higher education institutions‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐25‐39

Tetiana Dziuba. Internal content and structural-dynamic characteristics of occupational health of teachers: integrative approach‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐40‐56

Anna Yefimova. Theoretical analysis of the features of professionalself-realization of practical psychologists‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐57‐70

Oleksandr Sannikov. Expert approach in evaluating specialists‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐71‐88

Lyubomyra Tyagur. Research of self-actualization’s levels of teachers of professional preliminary education institutions‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐89‐102


Zinaida Smutchak. Hr profiling as a technology of personnel management‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐103‐116


Olena Aleinikova, Galina Berezhna, Oksana Kovtun. Ensuring results sustainability of international donor programs and projects for local development in the context of decentralization in Ukraine: techniques and recommendations for project managers‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐117‐142

Olena Antonova. Adoption of a child whose biological parents appeared after the court decided them: regulatory and legal aspect‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐143‐156

Mykola Kyrychenko, Inna Otamas. The influence of digitalization on the level of the development of the educational environment in vocational (vocational and technical) educational institutions during the Сovid-19 pandemic‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐157‐172

Viacheslav Maksumchyk. Mechanisms of public governance and administration in the system of professional (vocational and technical) education in the conditions of reformation and education‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐173‐197

Maria Piren, Оleg Shmanko. The new essence of management culture – an important value of change policy in Ukraine‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐198‐212

Vyacheslav Suprun. State regulation of innovative development of the educational industry on the basis of strategic management‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐213‐235

Konstantin Suprun. Mechanisms of public management of innovative development of employment of the population of Ukraine‐9931‐2021‐17(46)‐236‐266