Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 19(48) 2022



Oleksandra Brukhovetska, Tatyana Chausova. Psychological features of professionalization of a specialist in social work

Natalia Melenchuk, Irina Glotova. Hardiness in adolescents with different types of accentuation

Tetiana Savrasova-V’un. Psychological determinates the potential of the person

Oleksandr Sannikov, Bakhtiiar Atakhanov. Individual-psychological properties of personality as a predictor of professionalization

Oleksandra Shevchenko, Marianna Marusynets, Yuliіa Nenko. Psychological support of nurses training from the position of resilience


Vitaly Baranov, Tetiana Doroshenko. Project management: innovative approaches

Zinaida Smutchak. Ukrainian labour market in the context of digitalization of the economy


Oleksandr Basiuk. Analysis of Ukraine’s budget policy taking into account the experience in applying digital technologies

Larysa Gaievska, Nataliia Pobirchenko, Nataliia Shulga. The influence of globalization on educational policy (international context)

Roman Kozenko, Tamara Picosh, Vyacheslav Suprun, Kostiantyn Suprun. Gender approach and gender-oriented budgeting of inclusive education as a priority of management activity

Tatiana Melnyk. Mechanism of think tanks participation in the public administration of regional development