Collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Postgraduate education”. Series «Social and behavioral sciences». Edition 7(36) 2018



Olena Bondarchuk. The features of teachers’ inner freedom with different levels of psychological safety of their educational environment

Oleksandra Bryukhovetska. Communicative control as a secondary school principals' professional tolerance factor

Oksana Yemets. Factors stabilizing the psycho-emotional state of women in the prenatal, postnatal periods

Polina Zhebielieva. The psychological program of projection’s promoting of students life script

Svetlana Kazakova. Features of psychological preparation of professional and technical education bodies of leaders to marketing educational services

 Andriy Kolosov, Nataliia Volianiuk, Georgiy Lozhkin. Psychological determinants of functional illiteracy of pedagogical activity subject

Olena Kravtsova. Stress resistance of personality as psychological phenomenon: basic theoretical approaches

Artyom Lyamets. Actual classifications of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Alla Moskalyova. The features of the presentations of heads of institutions of general secondary education about professional crisis in management activity and ways of their overcoming

Elena Prokopenko. Features of creative potential of teachers of general basic education institutions with different professional identity levels

Soorena SardarzadehDominant cognitive and emotional schemas in depression and anxiety disorders

Оlena Fil, Lyudmila Vanchenko. Development of psychological competency of the manager as a basis of psychological provision of personnel management system for railway transport: results of formulated experiment

 Olena Yatsyna. Fundamental principles of transformations оf socio-psychological practices of marriage and family partnership and paternity