Main Tasks of University are:

  • Educational activity with the aim of providing preparation, retraining, improvement of professional skills of public servicers of apparatus of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, education administration, heads, methodological and pedagogical workers of pre-school, general secondary, professional and technical education, out-of-school education, chiefs and scientific and pedagogical employees of higher educational institutions of accreditation of all levels, preparation of personnel reserves of  heads of educational  institutions and establishments by educational and qualified level “Master’s degree” and etc.
  • Introduction of flexible system of continuous education of workers of the field, which aims to adopt them for professional activity in conditions of quick change of social and economic relations;
  • Providing of optimal periodicity and terms of education according to accepted order of professional attestation;
  • Execution of functions of main scientific and methodological and information centre of postgraduate pedagogical education of the field, introduction of innovative pedagogical technologies and leading native and foreign experience in issues of education administration and continuous education of adults;
  • Working out of base requirements for educational and professional level of heads of education institutions and establishments, methodological workers; development and implementation of different forms of education; preparation of scientific, methodological, expert recommendations for forming of reserves of education administration personnel and its training;
  • Implementation of terms of state contract and other agreements for preparation of professionals wth higher education;
  • Rendering of methodological, information, consulting aid for higher educational institutions of I-IV level of accreditation, educational institutions of postgraduate education, faculties of higher educational institutions in issues of continuous education leading and scientific and pedagogical workers;
  • Conducting fundamental, searching and applied scientific researches in issues of education development, participation in implementation of international, state, field and regional purposeful programs, including by state order and self-supporting agreements with institutions, establishments, organizations;
  • Preparation of scientific and scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification for system of postgraduate education;
  • Conducting of international, All-Ukrainian and regional scientific and practical conferences, pedagogical readings, seminars, symposiums, meetings and other practical and scientific events in issues of activity;
  • Application of international activity in the field of education and science according to legislation of Ukraine, strengthening of integration of University to world education and scientific space;
  • Strengthening of educational and material base of University;
  • Forming of necessary social and life conditions for listeners and students.