Head of Practice

Practice of students is inalienable component of preparation process of specialists at University of Educational Management and is conducted at equipped by appropriate way bases of educational institutions, and also in modern organization of different fields of economy

Aim of practice – training students with modern methods and forms of labor organization in field of their future profession, forming, at base of received at University, professional skills for making independent decisions during definite work in real market and production conditions, treating need of systematic renewal knowledge and creatively use them in practice activity

According to Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 93 since 8.04.93р. “Statute About Conducting Student Practice of Higher Educational Institution “University of Educational Management of Education” of National Academy of Educational Sciences, curricula and schedule of educational process of Institute of Management and Psychology of “University of Educational Management of Education” of National Academy of Educational Sciences the order of organization and practice realizing is presented:

1. Types of practice. According to definite specialty and direction of preparation students of Institute of Management and Psychology of “University of Educational Management” such Types of Practice are distinguished 

2. Bases of practice:

2.1. Practice of students of University is conducted at practice bases, which have to be appropriate requirements of practice program according to curricula

2.2. Students are able independently with permit of appropriate departments to chose the place of practice and offer it for approving. For students of last courses of University, who study without tearing off from production, and according to decision of Department is directed for practice, heads of enterprises, organizations and establishments of all forms of ownership render additional month holiday without keeping salary on base of references of University about term of practical preparation

2.3. Students of specialties “Organizational Management and Administration”. “Personnel Management and Labor Economics” by educational and qualified level “Bachelor”, “Master” by Degree can pass all types of practice in LLC “International Academy of Business and Information Technologies” by Order of Rector of “University of Educational Management”

2.4. Students of specialty “Psychology” by educational level “Master” for realization scientific and production practice (internship) are directed to Scientific and Research Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education of UEM

2.5. By condition of independent choice by student the place of practice passing (with permit of appropriate departments) the letter from place of practice at blank of enterpise must be send for name of Rector with request to send student for practice passing at appropriate institution, organization not later 2 weaks before term of practice

3. Head of practice from Institute at  last session before practice:

Realizes admission of students for passing practice by results of exam and test session and payment for study

Inform students who have academic and financial debt that they couldn’t be enrolled for practice in established term to moment of covering debt

Conducts introduction instructing in technique safety during practice

Informs students about day of defence practice and passing differentiate test, which is distinguished by schedule of curricula

Students, who are directed by Order of Rector of University for passing practice, which successfully execute curricula and have not financial debt, before start of practice they receive from heads of practice of Institute the Program of Practice and Diaries of Practice Passing, are introduced with rules of concluding and design of all parts of Diary, and requirements of its notification from side of practice