Aim and Tasks of Department

Main Mission of Department:

  • Production modern scientific and educational values, that are appropriate to civilized challenges of XXI century and oriented for dynamic development of administration of economics and society, recruiting of personnel at level of European requirements and world integration of our state; rendering everybody, who chose education at University, such knowledge and skills due to which they will be mobile and competitive at labor market in Ukraine and abroad
  • Main idea of mission of Department is in slogan of University: “Quality of Education! Quality of Work! Quality of Life” 


Tasks of Department:

  • Forming world-view grounds of students and learners on base of researches of economical sciences including national priorities  and modern tendencies of society development
  • Integration of fundamental knowledge of students and learners  in system of special professional preparation
  • Development of skills of creative and critical thinking
  • Perception by students and learners the methodology of scientific researches and using information technologies



  • Providing innovation model of personnel development
  • Management of potential and development of personnel
  • Forming and diagnostics of business model of enterprise including modern tendencies of management
  • Providing competitive professional
  • Management of anti-crisis activity of enterprise 

Directions of Activity of Department: 

  • Selection professor and lecturer personnel for providing educational process of preparation of bachelors and masters
  • Methodological providing and lecturing disciplines of  normative and variation part, all blocks of curriculum by specialties: “Personnel Management and Labor Economics” and “Organizational Management”
  • Immediate scientific and methodological cooperation with students and lecturers of Institute


Educational Work

Department of Economics and Personnel Management prepares high qualified professionals in specialty “Personnel Management and Labor Economics”, “Organizational Management”, which are able to work in field Management, in particular, at enterprises, establishments, organizations of different forms of ownership, commercial banks, higher educational institutions, scientific and research institutes

Scientific and Research Work:

Scientific and research activity of Department is base for scientific grounded structure of educational process. Professor and lecturer staff of Department continue prospect scientific researches, joining scientific and educational activity

Aim of scientific and research work is receiving meaningful  results in process of applied researches by actual issues of social and economical development of country and region including institutional bases of state activity and human centrism system of state administration of Ukraine

Theme of complex scientific and research work of Department:

“Improving Quality Labor Potential in Context of Realization Competence Approach by Means of Professional Education”

Directions of Research:

  • Institutionalization of management and human capital in national economics
  • Forming bases of theory of financial institutionalism
  • Forming personnel potential of higher educational institutions
  • Transformation of culture of management of labor potential in context of providing ecological and human centrism development of society
  • Forming economical competence of education managers via game forms of study
  • Personnel Management using advantages of synergism
  • Time management in economic systems
  • Peculiarities of development of professional meaning peculiarities of managers of organization
  • Qualimetric methods of estimation
  • Improvement professional competence of future professionals via perfection process of professional study
  • Improvement labor potential in context of realization competence approach of means of professional education
  • Motivation and stimulation personnel in system of management