Aim and Tasks

Aim of Department Activity:

execution social order of state and citizens for preparation administration personnel and professional lecturers in field of education

Our credo: “Human is over everything. Happy,self-sufficient, professional

Strategic Aim – preparation modern education leaders according to world requirements

Tactic Aim – modernization content, forms and methods of preparation of masters for system of education of Ukraine

Operative Aim –  organization of quality educational process and scientific events for preparation masters of education of Ukraine

Directions of Department Activity:

  • Educational and pedagogical
  • Scientific
  • Scientific and methodological
  • Consulting
  • Otganizational

Main directions of scientific activity of Depatrment:

  • Marketing Management (Riabova Z.V.)
  • Organization of scientific work (Maslov V.I.)
  • Competence approach (Drach I.I.)
  • Management of Information Relations (Makhunia T.A.)
  • Control in education system and gender approach  (Prykhodkina N.O.)
  • Organizational culture of head of educational institution (Tymoshko H.M.)
  • Spiritual and moral treating (Sidanich I.L.)
  • Distant learning (Kasian S.P.)

Educational and scientific activity of Department:

  • Organization and realization at high level educational, scientific and methodological and organizational and pedagogical  work with students of correspondence form of study
  • Conducting scientific researches of priority directions of science, wide introduction of received results in educational process
  • Forming, systematic renewal and perfection educational and laboratorian base, methodics of experimental researches, technique means of education, computerization and informatization of study process
  • Organization educational and pedagogical process directed for preparation of high professional specialists
  • Development of directions of educational institution management and higher education pedagogics
  • Researching modern educational technologies and introduction them to study process
  • Learning peculiarities of organization of educational affairs in European states, including Slavonic
  • Support of academic and scientific contacts with colleagues of leading higher educational institutions of state and international levels

Lecturers of Department works out complex scientific theme:

“Theoretical and Methodological Grounds of Development of Educational Institution Management and Pedagogics of Higher Education in Modern Information and Communication Environment”


Study Disciplines, which Department provides:

  • Marketing Management of Educational Institution
  • Management of Organization: General Management of Educational Institution
  • Methodology and Organization of Scientific Researches
  • Head of Educational Institution
  • Management of Educational and Pedagogical Process
  • Technique of Management Activity
  • Methodology of Lecturing at Higher Education Field
  • Modeling of Activity of Professional
  • Modeling of Educational and Professional Preparation of Specialists
  • Didactic Systems in Higher Education
  • Forming Professional Competence of Future Specialists
  • Management of  Educational and Pedagogical Process on Grounds of

Competence Approach

  • Competence and Oriented Management of Educational Institution
  • Theory of Organization
  • Pedagogical Essentials of Development of Higher Education
  • Media Management
  • Educational Technologies
  • Management of Education Systems: World Experience
  • Working Out and Introduction of Educational Projects
  • Innovation  Pedagogical Technologies
  • Pedagogics
  • Organization of Distant Learning
  • Management of Content of Works
  • Management of Financial and Economical Activity
  • IT in Management
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Education
  • Management of Information Relations