The purpose and objectives of the Department

The mission of the Department is provision of high-quality educational services using innovative methods of training focused on the needs of the society and promoting the intellectual development of the individual.

The tasks of the Department:

  • formation of students' and trainees' outlook using the achievements of natural and social sciences based on the national priorities and current societal trends;
  • integration of fundamental knowledge of students and trainees in the system of special professional training;
  • development of students' and trainees' creative skills and critical thinking;
  • students' and tainees' development of skills in the application of research methodology and information technologies.

The possibility to continue education in post-graduate and doctoral schools.

Areas of activity of the Department:

  • selection of professors and teaching staff for Bachelor's and Master's training;
  • methodological support for teaching humanities, natural and social sciences and mathematics and other disciplines of the curriculum of the 'Project Management' specialty;
  • scientific and methodological cooperation with the students of the Faculty.

Educational work

The Department of project management and general professional disciplines trains highly qualified specialists in the specialty 'Project Management' who can work as managers for companies, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership, commercial banks, universities, research institutes etc. The Department provides fundamental knowledge in line with the curricula of classical universities in all specialties and fields of education.

Research work

The aim of the research work of the Department is obtaining significant results in fundamental and applied research on current issues of socio-economic development of the country and the region.

The theme of the complex scientific-research work of the Department is 'Mechanisms of formation and improvement of the system of economic and social projects management in the conditions of social and political transformations in Ukraine."

Areas of research:

  • improvement of the system of designing, financing and implementation of innovation and investment projects on the basis of a holistic approach, business processes and mechanisms of optimal managerial decision-making;
  • sociological invetigation of the problems relevant to organizational development and staff's social values in education;
  • ergonomics issues;
  • life safety issues;
  • objectives and directions of development of education in the context of the European integration of Ukraine;
  • external principles of the philosophy of education in the development and functioning of education.