Department of project management and general professional disciplines

to join the Master's program in
Project Management
Training term - 1.5 years (extramurally)
The state-standard Master's diploma with the 'Project and program supervisor' qualification

The strategy of the Department is based on the optimal combination of the European education values and national traditions of training of highly qualified specialists and uses the international standards of quality along with the sustained development of the professional competencies of its teaching staff.

The research and teaching staff of the Department includes:

Doctors of Sciences - 3 (23%);

PhDs - 9 (70%).

The Department honors its established traditions and seeks to maintain
high status of professional managers.

The Master's program in Project management promotes a holistic understanding of project management as a tool for the creation and application of development strategies, innovation, as well as for training specialists capable of effective project management and needed by the community.


Those who can apply for the Master's program in 8.18010013 'Project Management' include:

  • bachelor's and/or Masters (Specialists) in all areas of training;
  • workers from both the business sector (companies of different forms of ownership, banks and other financial and business organizations) and public sector (local government and administration, regional offices of central executive bodies, non-profit and public organizations etc.).

 Masters in Project management can be employed as:

  • economists, managers, project managers, analysts and planners at management, planning, economic-financial, marketing, engineering and technical departments at different organizations, educational institutions, local governments, financial, consulting and investment companies, scientific research and other organizations.


Master's degree training in 8.18010013 'Project Management' will:

  • promote your professional activities and career growth;
  • make you an expert in the organization, planning, management and coordination of human, financial and material resources;
  • prepare you for change management in the production and social sectors and at all levels of state government;
  • teach you to apply information and telecommunication technologies;
  • make you mobile and highly adaptive to changes;
  • make you an effective decision-maker in emergencies;
  • develop your skills in maintaining a favorable psychological climate in the organization.

Basic disciplines:

  • Project team building
  •  Project planning
  •  Project decision-making
  •  Project implementation
  •  Strategic Management in the development of project-oriented organizations
  •  Investment management
  •  Project examination and auditing
  •  Educational project management
  •  International programs and grants management
  •  Company innovation development strategies
  •  Social project management
  •  Politological aspects of state governance
  •  Information technologies in project management
  •  Psychology of management