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From History of Department.

Department of Educational Institution Management was established in March, 2010, and during existing Department its heads are leading scientists of Ukraine

First Head of Department  became famous scientist, Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Victor Kolpakov, and since January, 1st , 2011 till April, 31th,  2011 the obligations of Head of Department were executed by Director of Psychology and Management of State Higher Educational Institution “University of Educational Management”  of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Yelnykov H.V.

For period since May, 1st, 2011 till August, 31st, 2011 Executive Head of Department was Deputy Director of Institute of Psychology and Management of State Higher Educational Institution “University of Educational Management” of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Associate Professor Drach I.I.

Since September, 1st, 2011, till November, 1st, 2012, Department was supervised by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Correspondence Member of International Academy of Informatization Slobodianyk M.S.

In February 2013 Department was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor, Correspondent Member of Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration Mostovyi H.I., who after leading Department became Head of Institute of Management and Psychology

Since October, 23rd, 2013, Deparment is supervised by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Riabova Z.V.

Department of Educational Institution Management and Higher Education Pedagogics realizes preparation of masters by educational programs “Educational Institution Management”, “Management of Education Quality”, and “Media Management” of knowledge field 07 “Management and Administration” by specialty 073 “Management” by educational programs “Higher Education Pedagogics” and “Christian Higher Education Pedagogics” of knowledge field 01 “Education” by specialty 011 “Sciences of Education”

Professional, that graduated education of Master’s Degree by specialty 073 “Management” of knowledge field 07 “Management and Administration” will receive qualification –  “Head of Enterprise, Institution and Organization (in field of education and production study)”

Professional is able to work in:

  • Institutions of education of all types (general education, vocational and higher, preschool, out-of-school)
  • Institutions of state and public administration of education
  • Social service etc.

Professional is able to get position of:

  • Head,  Deputy Head of Education Institution of all types
  • Head,  Deputy Head of Structure Subdivision of education institution
  • Director (Head), Head of Department, Laboratory, Cabinet

Aim of Master’s program “Educational Institution Management” is preparation of efficient manager in field of education with modern view of education management, able to optimize education process, rationally to include  (due to innovation projects)  and use material and finance resources of establishment

Aim of Master’s program “Media Management in Education” is preparation efficient manager in field of education with modern view of institution administration on grounds of providing quality of its activity, able to optimize process of education, rationally join (due to innovation projects) and use material and financing resources of establishment

Professional, who graduated master’s degree by specialty 011 “Sciences of Education” of education field “Education” will receive qualification – “Lecturer of Universities and Higher Educational Institutions”

Specialist is able to work at:

  • Institutions of education of I-IV levels of accreditation (vocational, higher etc.)

Professional is able to maintain position:

  • Lecturer of higher educational institutions
  • Scientific worker
  • Lecturer

Aim of Master’s Program “Higher Education Pedagogics” is forming new generation lecturers of higher school on base of perception modern knowledge of higher education  pedagogics via using   active methods and approaches of lecturing disciplines in higher educational institutions

Aim of Master’s Program “Christian Higher Education Pedagogics” is preparation of professionals, who able, grounding at new philosophy of higher education, professionally to use at practice modern methods and forms of lecturing at higher educational institution, introduction of future lecturers of Christian Pedagogics with theory and methodology of lecturing educational programs of spiritual and moral direction, with content, tasks, principles and means of spiritual and moral education of grounds of Christian values, assisting forming Christian and citizen competences of personality

Model of Preparation of Master’s Degree Students at Department of Educational Institution Management has such advantages:

  • Realization student centrism approach for personality and professional development, forming competence professionals in the field
  • Joining theory, practice, scientific researches via joining to educational process practitioners,   strengthening practical preparation, education organization on base of activity context education, education structure via researches
  • Presence of appropriate professionals, professor and lecturer staff for realization interdisciplinary approach for preparation competitive professionals, forming and development general and professional competences
  • Using system of control and analytical activity of lecturers including realization of competence approach
  • Using training education, modern active, interactive, information and communication technologies
  • Working out and using personal educational systems as component of administration of independent work of students
  • Diversification of Master’s Program by scientific and professional direction
  • Practice at scientific and research institutions of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, educational institutions of Kyiv City;
    • Active using information and distant technologies, technologies of interactive education, pedagogical projecting, business games, situation modeling, case-learning, portfolio, electronic educational literature
    • Treating preparation efficiently and rationally act in conditions of indetermination, crises, stresses, threats, risks and emergency situations

Higher indicated educational programs foresee practical preparation, development of general and forming professional competences of professionals by correspondence form of study for term of 1.6 year

We invite for Postgraduate Studies:

  • Graduates of higher educational institutions (“bachelors”, “specialists”, “masters”)
  • Directors, deputy directors and pedagogues of educational institutions (secondary educational institutions, higher educational institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation, Vocational institutions, specialized educational institutions, lyceums, gymnasiums etc.)
  • Heads of methodological services, methodologists of education bodies
  • Heads, inspectors of administration and departments of education
  • Persons, that enrolled for personnel reserves

For Admission such documents are presented:

  •      Application (established form)
  •      Document of education
  •      Application to document of education (with grades)
  •      Copy of passport
  •      Copy of identification code
  •      6 photos (size 3*4)
  •      6 envelopes (with stamps)
  •      Case for papers and loose-leaf binder
  •       8 files

                                      For detailed information:
r.1.9., Ist Floor, 3rd Building, 52a, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street (Artema)
Kyiv City, 04053
To go by trolley-bus №16, 18 to bus-stop “Poltavska”
Tel./Fax of Admission Commission: (044) 361-40-75, (044) 481-38-44, (044) 484-34-98,
(067) 392-47-20, (050) 050 44 71
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