To use unique possibility and receive during 2015/2016 Diploma of Master’s Degree of Organizational Management and Administration, and Personnel Management and Labor Economics (correspondence form of study)

As result, you:

  • Will receive competitive advantages at labor market, widening area of using gained knowledge at University
  • Will get practice skills, necessary for work in business structures

Scientific and Pedagogical Staff of Department:

At Department 13 lecturers work, among them – 2 Doctors of Science, 7 Candidates of Science, 4 Senior Lecturers

Department of Enterprise Entrepreneurship – team of professionals of higher qualification that realizes  fundamental and applied scientific researches, required by society

Main Mission of Departrment is depicted in slogan of University:

“Quality of Education! Quality of Quality! Quality of Life”

Cooperation of Department with different organizations:

Department has close contacts as with native as foreign organizations in issues of professional preparation of professionals

Among them – enterprises of Kyiv City, which actively execute improvement of Management and  Labor Economics

University and Department conducts active international activity. Agreements with Zheshuv Unicersity, Zheshuv Politechnical University (Poland) are concluded

Work of Double Diploma Master’s Program with Zheshuv Politechnical University (Poland), when graduates will receive not only Ukrainian but also Diploma of Foreign Pattern

Main Directions of Preparation:






Personnel Management and Labor Economics
(daily and correspondence forms of study)

(daily and correspondence forms of study)

Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity
(daily and correspondence forms of study)






Personnel Management and Labor Economics
(Correspondence form of study)

Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity
((daily and correspondence forms of study)



Organizational Management and Administration
(Correspondence form of study)

Quality, Standardization and Certificating 
(Correspondence form of study)


Management – complex of principles, methods, means and forms of production administration with aim of improvement its efficiency:

  • Science of administration of human relations
  • Rational way of supervising business organizations
  • Peculiar field of scientific  knowledge and professional specialization of Managers-Administrators, who represent Administration Staff
  • Ability to achieve goals, using labor and intellect of other humans
  • Business administration, and business is unique, exclusive affair in society

Enterprise Personnel – like football team: sportsmen have to act as unique mechanism, but not as group of bright personalities

Legend of Management of Lee Iacocca


Personnel Management and Labor Economics covers wide palette of social space: from conditions of organization and labor at production, mode of life, health, social insurance, population employment

After graduation University entrants are able to work:

  • At banks, investment departments
  • At common and foreign enterprises
  • At insurance companies
    • At large enterprises and corporations
    • At bodies of state regulation of economics


Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity is new specialty of preparation of competent professionals, which covers complete spectrum of knowledge of working out idea, organization and realization own business

After graduation University graduates able to work: 

  • Director of small enterprise by types of economical activity, with rendering services (consulting, insurance, advertising etc.)
  • Head of agency: insurance, realty, advertising etc.
  • Head of service enterprise
  • Director of small enterprise in field of health safety, education, culture
  • Director of small trade group
  • Shop supervisor
  • Manger of retail and wholesale trade
  • Manager of restaurant, café, bar, enterprises of preparation and delivering dishes
  • Professional of exchange trade, broker, diller
  • Professional of  exchange operations
  • Auctionist (Licitator)
  • Trade broker (Makler)


Quality, Standardization and Certificating – specialty, that decides

tasks  and issues of harmony and complex development of goods production and services on base of modern methods of administration and control of activity of enterprises and organizations , information technologies, standards, methods of general quality management, environmental safety  and prospect innovation  technolohies                      

After graduation University graduates able to work:

  • Trade companies
  • Various establishments of trade (shops, supermarkets)
  • Custom bodies
  • Storehouse lodging
  • Specialized laboratories of expert estimation and goods certification
  • Inspection of issues of rights of consumers


Address of Admission Commission:

 r.1.9, 1st floor, build. №3, 52a, Sichovych Striltsiv (Artema) Street, Kyiv City, Ukraine
Metro Station “Lukianivska”
To go by trolley-buses №16, 18to bus stop “Poltavska”
In issues of enrolling studies you are able to address
by phones: (044) 361-40-75, (044) 481-38-44