Aim and Tasks

Aim of Department Activity – providing continuity and efficiency of preparation future psychologists and psychological and  pedagogical assistance their personality and professional growth

Professor and Lecturer staff of Department realizes prospect scientific research, joining scientific and education activity

Main tasks of Department:

─ Realization educational and professional programs, curricula of preparation professionals

─ Forming unique conception of realization content   of education by disciplines of Department

─ Organization and realization at appropriate scientific and methodological levels educational and pedagogical process in group and individual format of work

─ Working out and approving means of diagnostics of knowledge level, unique criteria of estimation

─ Implementation current and summary control of knowledge quality via holding exam sessions, state exams, defending course papers, diploma and master’s works

─ Preparation and systematic renewal of methodological providing educational activity in education disciplines of Department

─ Tutoring future professional, forming society position towards social events, providing rights and freedoms of human and citizen

─ Introduction in frames of Department competence the principles of Bologna Process, elements of credit and module system of education process organization

─ Supervising scientific and research work of students, organization and conducting round tables, scientific and methodological seminars and conferences by activity profile of Department

─ Organization of pedagogical control of scientific and pedagogical activity  via leading and further discussion  at Department sessions the open classes, and also test and mutual  visits

─ Collection and summarizing progressive experience, obtained by lecturers of Department during reading lectures and out of educational work

─ Implementation plans of qualification improvement of lecturers

─ Participation in preparation scientific and pedagogical workers due to postgraduate studies

─ Supervising preparation of Candidate theses, consultants of doctoral students, annotation, discussion presented researches at Department sessions and interdepartment  seminars

─  Preparation reviews for dissertations and author reports by Department profile

─ Organization interactions with other educational institutions, holding common Depatrment sessions, round tables, preparation and publication scientific and educational and methodological   literature

─  Offering proposals of rendering scientific titles of Professor and Associate Professor for workers of Departments

─  Preparation and  publishing educational, scientific, methodological literature

Due to Issuance of Department to Tasks of Department are added:

─ Coordination activity of all Departments, that provides special professional preparation of students

─ Working out of proposals of qualification and educational and qualification characteristics, complex qualified tasks by specialization

─ Preparation of grounding of modernization variation part of educational and professional program

─ Organization of practice and internships, their defense in established order

─ Organization of systematic learning works of graduates, level of their theoretical and practical preparation

─ Joining leading scientists, specialists for conducting classes, knowledge control of students, participation at work of State examination commission

─ Coordination and providing preparation Course, Diploma and Master’s Papers

─ Providing preparation and holding State exams

─ Providing execution of State requirements for accreditation of Preparation directions, specialties, by those  Department is issuance

─ Preparation accreditation (licence) affairs of preparation directions, specialties, by which Deprtment is issuance

Task of Department is realized via integration of education  and practice, total and efficient using  all elements of educational and pedagogical process including possibilities of modern innovation and information technologies

Main functions of Department are in realization rducation, scientific and research, scientific and methodological and organizational works, and also applied activity

Educational work of Department is directed at providing high quality of education and foresees:

─ Quality and in-time execution of curricula and programs

─ Conducting different types of classes (including seminars, training, role and business games) with students and learners

─ Supervision preparation of learners and students of creative graduation works, projects, implementation tasks of educational practice work etc.

Scientific and methodical work of Department is directed at scientific and methodological providing educational process according to modern requirements and foresees:

─  Summarizing native and foreign approaches in field of social and nature sciences, using modern scientific results, and also practical educational and administration technologies at pedagogical activity

─  Improving content of programs and curricula according to modern requirements and requests of postgraduate education

─  Indication and forming conditions of organization efficient learning in system of postgraduate education

─  Permanent joining lecturers of Department for scientific and methodological work, creation methodological manuals and works out, introduction modern education technologies in educational process

─  Distinguishing and introduction scientific grounded modern methods of education and knowledge control of learners and students, in particular, on base of credit and module system

─  Introduction computer programs in educational process, using modern information technologies and means, forming and using information data bases

Organizational work of Department foresees:

─  Organization of activity of Department on base of decisions and tasks, identified by working plan

─  Preparation of working plans of Department per year and prospect, which are approved by Administration

─  Conducting Department sessions for discussion and solving issues, important for Department activity

─  Preparation reports of working results of Department and their presenting to University Administration

─ Support of relations and information exchange with other subdivisions of University, with Departments of appropriate profile of other Higher Educational Institutions, Laboratories of scientific and research establishments, creative associations and public organizations

Applied Activity of  Department foresees:

─ Rendering additional education services in form of supervision preparation of Candidates of Science, holding seminars, educational courses and training

─ Participation in additional professional preparation of administration and methodological personnel of education system, workers of other fields, future professionals in Psychology, Economics, Administration and other specialties according to their  requests

─ Assisting activity structure subdivisions of University, that renders  education services at economy account grounds