for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs
by directions of preparation 6.030102 “Psychology”,
6.030103 “Practical Psychology”, specialty 6.03010201 “Psychology”


Strategy of Department and tasks are realized due to integration education and practice, complete and efficient using all elements educational and pedagogical process including possibilities of modern innovation and information technologies

Department is base structure subdivision of University. Educational and scientific potentials of Department, results of its activity identify potential of University in total

Scientific and Pedagogical Staff of Department:

At Department’s staff – 14 lecturers, among them: 4 Doctors of Science, 6 Candidates of Science, 4 senior lecturers

Professor and lecturer staff realizes prospect scientific researches, cooperates with educational institutions of all levels of accreditation in field of education activity. Lecturers work of actual issues of psychology. During last years it was published: 12 monographs, 9 text-books, 35 manuals and methodological recommendations, over 220 scientific articles

Lecturers of Department realize preparation of professionals by specialties: 6.030102  “Psychology” and 6.030103 “Practical Psychology” by educational and qualified level “Bachelor”, specialty 8.03010201 “Psychology” by educational and qualified level “Master”. Also Department of Practical and General Psychology provides lecturing disciplines of psychological and pedagogical cycle for students of all specialties of Institute of Management and Psychology. Work of lecturers of Department according realization of competence approach, is focused at improvement curricula, educational programs of professional disciplines, theoretical and methodological and practical research of essentials of this approach and peculiarities of its introduction

GENERAL SCIENTIFIC THEME OF DEPARTMENT: “Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance of Educational and Professional Activity of Future Specialists in System of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education”

Aim of Research:  theoretically to ground and experimentally to research psychological peculiarities of psychological and pedagogical assistance of educational and professional activity of future specialists in system of postgraduate pedagogical education

Main Idea of Department Mission:

“Today – aspiration, tomorrow – success!”

Leading Professors introduced scientific schools:

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Lushyn P.V. conducts fundamental and applied scientific researches in preparation of practical psychologists at education and psychological assistance. School of Ecological Facilitation of Professor Lushyn is worked. School of Ecological Facilitation is accounted for young and experienced psychologists, pedagogues, specialists of related professions, personnel managers, consultants, coaches, supervisors, and also those, who are in transfer period, after, or during difficult, or even tragic obstacles in life, and also for all wishing to cognize themselves and anything new.

 Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Volianiuk N.Y., introduced scientific school of research psychological conditions of professional forming of professional. At this direction issues of earlier professional genesis, psychological assistance of subjects of professional activityat different stages of professional forming, psychological providing professional long life, activity and individualization of subject of essence

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, H.M. Bevz is the leading professional in Ukraine in    issues of treating children-orphans. She  supervises scientific and research Laboratory of social grounds  of childhood safety at education, that starts its activity since 2011 at State Higher Educational Institution “University of Educational Management”. She works of issues of system childhood development and professional support of substitute paternity (receiving families, patronage, adoption)

Major amount of Department  graduates after finishing learning enter postgraduate department, and defend Candidate theses, start active practical activity in field of psychological assistance, and also lecturing psychology at secondary and higher educational institutions. Over 15 graduates of Department of Practical and General Psychology received scientific title “Candidate of Psychological  Sciences”

Cooperation of Department with different organizations:

Department has close contacts as with native and foreign organizations in issues of professional preparation of professionals in field of practical psychology