ISSUES 16(45) 2021



Tamara Bakhshaliyeva. The system of moral purification in Nasreddin Tusi's pedagogical heritage and its importance for high school students

Alla Vinichenko. Formation of sociocultural values of youth in education process of higher education institution

Gao Desyan. Pedagogical conditions of formation of readіness of students of faculties of arts of pedagogical universities to the guidance by vocal-chorus collectives

Olena Glazunova, Taisiia Saiapina, Valentyna Korolchuk, Tetiana Voloshyna, Olga Kasatkina. Digital competence of future economics: stages of formation, content and resources

Hamidova Khalida Aydin gizi. Systematic approach to results-oriented management of preschool education institutions

Jabbarova Konul Hidayat. Opportunities of the pedagogical quartet in the prevention of deviant behavior, taking into account the pedagogical and psychological characteristics of senior students

Valeriia Doktorovych. Peculiarities of managing innovative activity of the institution of professional (vocational and technical) education

Sergey Kasyan. Features of information display in electronic educational resources

Farida Samedzade. Instilling respect for family traditions in preschool children (large group)

Larysa Sergeieva. Development of education services sector in Ukraine

Viktoriia Sydorenko. Activities of the school of pedagogical coaching in the conditions of management of decentralization of education in Ukraine

Xu Qing. Structural components of formation of heuristic thinking of master's with choral conducting

Yuri Fedorkiv. Specificity and content of instrumental training of future teachers of music art

Zhang Bo. Mеthodological support for the formation of artistik-evaluation skills of future musik teachers